Personal Letters

I walked into the room only to see two boys staring at me in utterly confusion. He looked as if he didn't want to see me. Dreading emotions came to a stop and all the feelings raised to my heart, letting it beat freely and quickly. Hi my name is Jannet WIlliams. I'm 17 years old and a junior in Summerholt High School. I'm kind of in a situation right now with a guy who hates me. Help me.


2. Dinner and Acquaintances

  I looked in the wide hallways trying to find my way to Eric's room and when I saw it my eyes went big. It looked like this and it is probably Eric's dream room:


IT WAS BIG!! Looking at the house I forgot about mum. I took Eric's small emergency cell phone because mom is too cheap to buy me a phone and Eric a "good" phone. I dialed in the number and I called. A man answered. My eyes widened I looked straight into Eric's room everything was far away from me. Sweat was dripping. Questions in my head "Was it a cop?"....."Will he let me talk to Mum?" I was getting dizzy, light headed. What was I going to say?

   - "Hello?" I said slowly

   - "Hello....Who is this?" the man asked.

   - "I am Joann's daughter calling from her ex-husband's house." I said frightenly  

  -  "Uhm who are you?..and why did you answer my mum's phone?" 

 - "I am the sheriff I am at your mother's home to arrest old are you?" the cop said curiously

  - "I am 17 years old, sir. Can I speak to my mum?" I said while gulping.

  - " I am sorry but we took her away already we are just searching her home." he said in a rush.

My head was spinning even more. I got frustrated I threw the phone and it hung up on itself. Tears were falling down my face. I tried running into my room but it kept moving farther away. Questions in mind again "Are they going to kill her?" "How long is she going to be gone?"

 - "Janett! What's wrong!?" Eric yelled after I reached my room and locked it.

I heard footsteps running down the stairs then I heard more footsteps running up the stairs. I am getting scared. Suddenly my room got smaller I couldn't breathe. The furniture was merging into my old furniture. My room looked like my old room. I scooted over next to bed scared to death. I visualized the cops right there holding on to my mom. I screamed so loud I heard more footsteps running. I couldn't help it! I fainted while I was hiding. I woke up to a noise which was key unlocking my door. I curled into a ball not caring who will open the door. When the door was opened. I saw Dad, Eric, a few maids, and the butler that opened the door on us when we arrived. Dad and Eric looked worried and ran towards me. The maids and the butler gave me a look like I was crazy. That I was mad. Like I was mental. Dad's hand was brushing through my hair. I uncurled my self and leaned into him while holding Eric's hand.

   - "Do you want me to cancel the dinner?....What happened honey?...."

   - "No don't cancel the dinner I am fine" I answered him sitting up.

   - "What happened why did you throw the phone and run?" Eric said worried and curious.

   - "Uhm...." I said while Dad was looking at the maids and butler to leave.

 They finally left and I told them why. They understood and left me there to change into my dress. I wiped my tears and hopped into the shower. The steam was relaxing me and when I got out it was cold like the winter except it felt good because it was warm spring. I wore my dress and curled my hair. When I was applying my lipstick I heard the doorbell ring. I closed the door behind me and I saw a man with his son. His son was the first thing I saw. The way his hair flipped and the brown eyes he had. He was tall and skinny. Then, he spotted me looking at him and gave me a weird look. Like he hated me. But I was inlove. 

  - "Hi." I said to the cute guy.

  - "Hey?" he said back.

  - "Oh. Hi...this is my son Justin and my wife Pattie." said his father

While we ate I kept staring at Justin..He was just so handsome I couldn't take my eyes off him.

      Justin's POV

Why was that girl staring at me. Ugh. She is pretty and all but I like Emily Lockington not the girl I just randomly said Hi too.

Emily is hot! But this Janett girl is not hot she is attractive. Wow that is the first time I said that about somebody. But I can't possibly have feeling for a girl I just met at the dinner table. 

   - "So how old are you Justin?" said the owner of the house.

   - "17 but I am turning 18 next week." I said

   - " Oh I am turning 18 next week too..what day?" asked the girl staring at me all the time.

   - "Next Wednesday" I answered because I had too.

   - "Oh I am turning 18 next Saturday" she talked back

   - "Yippee!" I thought sarcastically in my head.

I ate really fast and by the time I finished though I had to leave. I was happy because I didn't have to see that girl again. That Eric guy was cool because he wasn't staring at me the whole time and he has cool skateboards and gaming systems.

   - "I sat in my dad's porsche and then my dad pissed me off even more." 

   - "Janett's going to Summerholt high school with you!" my dad said

In my mind, I was all like UGH!. But I told my dad "cool!" in a sarcastic voice while cursing under my breath.



                              ~Hey guys! I hope you like it so far!! I am trying my best!!!~




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