Just Because Of An iPhone

Jade and Sophia never knew they existed. They have never even hear about the biggest boy band called One Direction. They never heard of their names, never seen their faces, they don't even know what music try song or play. What will happen when they meet them one day. What will happen when they reveal their true identies to Sophia and Jade? Will they hate the boys? Or will they be able to keep this friendship? Maybe even more?


1. The meeting

A/N Yeah so I'm new to writing stories. Me and my friend just decided to write one so please no hate. Sorry for bad grammar. Enjoy :) Please vote, fan, and comment. It would mean so much to us


(Niall pov) 

We were walking to the Apple store because Harry (a.k.a the dumb ass) dropped my phone and it cracked. The fans were following us like always. Trust me I love our fans but I like my privacy. Its just so awkward walking around having people following you. 

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time when I wasn't famous. I also love being on stage with my best mates and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

(Harry pov) 

I felt really bad I dropped his phone. So I decided to come along with Niall and buy him a new one. The fans found out we were coming so they were video tap us, asking from autographs, photos, etc. Sometimes the fans just don't give us enough privacy.

I was walking when all of a sudden Niall stops and I walk into his back. The fans just start going insane with all their screams.


"OMG NARRY!" All that stuff. It was so weird having people want to know what i did every second with my life. There's not like i could do anything about it just give them what they want.

(Jade pov) 

Here Sophia and were working our long shift at the Apple Store. I looked over and found her answering another of the customer's dumb questions. We were only 16 and already worked full-time but hard times calls for drastic things. I really enjoyed working thought because that means i could by myself Starbucks every time I want. So what I love Starbucks? You gotta admit thought its the most amazing thing you could drink.

I was so distracted in my own little world thinking about Disneyland. Idk why but I REALLY want to go. I had a really short attention span. If i lose interest in our conversation I will simply nod every minute pretending i was listening.

I was brought out of my little world when all of a sudden these guys walk in through the doors with girls following them. I gotta admit they were good-looking. Especially the boy with the curls and those beautiful green eyes i could get lost in easily.

(Sophia pov) 

I was helping this customer that was asking a VERY stupid question. I would answer them very smartically. It's my word you people can't steal my word. The customer left and I see these guys walking in with girl following them. 

I turn to Jade and mouth "They are very HOT. I call dibs on the boy with dirty blonde hair." Jade just rolled her eyes and nodded. She turned around helping a customer. 

I decide to go and help them "Hi my name is Sophia! How can i help you?" They look at me and stare as if I'm from a different planet. 

The one with the curls ask "You don't know who we are?"  Okay now i was wondering have i seen them somewhere? What if they had been stalking me this whole time and I didn't know. Okay now is not the time to panic Sophia I said to myself

I reply with a smile and say "No. Umm am i suppose to know you?"




A/N Please no hate and sorry that it's short. Please favorite, like, and comment need feedback to know how to make the story better :)

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