Just Because Of An iPhone

Jade and Sophia never knew they existed. They have never even hear about the biggest boy band called One Direction. They never heard of their names, never seen their faces, they don't even know what music try song or play. What will happen when they meet them one day. What will happen when they reveal their true identies to Sophia and Jade? Will they hate the boys? Or will they be able to keep this friendship? Maybe even more?


2. Lunch?

A/N Karina and I are having a fun time writing this story. We never knew it was so much work but ehh who cares its fun to do. Well anyways I'll carry on with the story. Shall we?


(Niall's POV)

She was so beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen someone so gorgeous before in my life. I now believe in love at first sight. I looked over at Harry and found him staring at another employee not so far away. I grinned. I was so gonna bug him about this later.

I answer her question and say "Ummm no, no reason just though I had seen you before." I didn't want to tell her I was and international pop star that travels the world and has girls following them. Yeah becasue that will be an amazing first impression. Maybe she would think I was snobby or stuck up.

"So how may I help you?" She asked in her perfect voice. It sounded so angelic and beautiful.

"Ummm I'm looking for a new iPhone 5." I smiled.

She smiled and said "Follow me."

"I'm Niall." I said giving her a smile and extending my hand out for her.

"I'm Sophia." She said with a warm smile and shaking my hand.

I swear this was love at first sight! Harry was long gone flirting with the other employee. I chuckled Harry will never change. Harry in my book will always be considered the flirt.I couldn't stop staring at Sophi. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Hopefully I wasn't drooling.

(Harry's POV)

I saw Niall staring at the girl "Sophia" well that's what her name tag said. I was looking around when I lay my eyes on this beautiful girl. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I finally decided to man up and talk to her.

As I made my way over I kept replaying in my head "Don't mess this up. Don't mess this up. DON'T MESS THIS UP." She looks up from her computer. I was left breath less. Her blue eyes were gorgeous and were breathtaking. She had dark brown, lucious hair that went past her shoulder. 

I say "Hey I'm Harry." and I give her a smile

"Well hey Harry. My name is Jade." Her smile was beautiful. Jade, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

"Do you need any help?" I decided I needed an excuse to talk to her.

"I don't know how to turn on my phone." I mentally slap myself at how pathetic that was. Now she probably thinks I'm stupid. What sorta person doesn't know how to turn on their phone now a days. I'll jst have Niall slap me later for my stupidity.

"Easy! I'll show you if you want. You just have to take out your phone." I reach into my pocket and dig out my phone. I passed it to her. For those 2 seconds our hands touched I knew I had to make a move........ and fast.

(Jade's POV)

This guy is hot. VERY hot! His beautiful brown curls, gorgeous green eyes, and those killer dimples. Though he did have a stupid question, but that made him even cuter. I'm not gonna lie but I was still pretty curious why those girls were following him and his friend. Hopefully he would bring that up later...  Speaking of friends where is Sophia? I looked around and found her helping out Harry's blond friend. He just kept staring at her..... CREEPY!

I started to space out. You guys would've noticed by now that I have a short attention span. I look at Harry and realized he was talking to me.

"So.... Would you like to grab some coffee when your shift is over?" IS THIS REAL. AM I STILL BREATHING? Did this insanely hot guy just as me moi out?! I swear I'm not dying. Okay maybe just a little.

"Yeah sure." I said camly even though i was dying in the inside i got asked out.

(Sophia's POV)

I showed Niall where the iPhones were at. He was asking me a question but I really wasn't paying attention. I was so lost in his beautiful blue eyes..... Wait what?! Did I just really call him beautiful? Well his eyes I mean. Was I already starting to have feelings for him. But I hardly even know him. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Niall ask "You still there?" He was looking straight at me. Man those eyes were beautiful.

I replied and said "Yes I'm still alive." 

He finally speaks up "Do you wanna get something to eat I'm really hungry." Right on cue his stomach growled. I giggled and he blushed and looked away.

I wanted to get to know him better and thank god my shift was over so I said "Sure let me get my things."

He smiled and said "Okay I'll wait." As I walked to the back of the store to get my things i ran into Jade. I was so excited.

"Niall just asked me to go eat with him!" I said.

I was so excited she said "I'm gonna go get some coffee with Harry." I could tell she is excited just didn't want to show it. I grabbed my stuff and so did Jade. We walked out together. I walked toward Niall. By that time the girls were gone. I really wanted to know why random were stalking them. Was it because they are really hot?


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