My One and Only

When Crystal Dyce decides to get away from America, she encounters a member from the world-wide famous boy-band- One Direction. Louis and her bond as friends over countless get-togethers over coffee. One day, she's taken to meet the boys. What happens when Harry starts to fancy her too?


3. The Test

Crystal's POV

*Knock Knock*

"Come in!" I shout, brushing my teeth.

"Hey, Crystal!" Niall says walking in. 

"Hey Nialler! What's up?" I ask, spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing my mouth.

"Well, we were wondering if you'd like to go shopping with us?" Niall asks.

"Sure! Just gimme a few!" I tell him. I change, pull my hair up into a ponytail and wear skinny jeans with a sleeveless, sheer top.


We had been walking around the mall, Louis practically sticking to my side. About thirty minutes into roaming, we all met up and had lunch together. Then, something crazy happened. We were walking over to the table and I saw that the boys were laughing at a girl that was sitting by herself. 

"She's so ugly!" 

"I wouldn't date her if it was the last thing I ever did!" 

I fidgeted in my chair, uncomfortable from all the rude things they were saying to her. And then, the unbelievable happened. 

"Hey, lads, watch this." Harry smirks, getting up with a cup of marinara sauce in his hand. He "accidentally" fumbles into the girl, spilling the sauce all over her. She wipes her eyes while Harry cracks up. 

"DID YOU SEE THAT?!" Esther hysterically laughs. 

Once she orders her food, she heads to the table behind us- where she was sitting. While she was passing us, Louis did the worst thing possible. At the last second, he pushed his leg out, swiping it, causing her to fall and stick her face in her pizza. Zayn then accidentally spills his left over nacho cheese all over her. All the peers awkwardly ignore us. I gape at all the boys. Everyone was laughing while the poor girl layed on the cafeteria floor, crying.

"Why'd you do that?!" I shout at Louis.

"Common, Crystal! Live a little!" He replies back, a grin plastered on his face. 

"I will, but not like this!" I said, scowling.

I help the girl up while she cries uncontrollably. She had big nerdy glasses, her hair was really poofy. She had head gear on and wore clothes that looked like they were from Goodwill.

"Common Crystal. You know we were joking!" Harry says, shaking from laughter.

"I'm disappointed in you guys... Especially you Louis." I walk off with the girl in my hands.

      "Why would you help me?" The girl asks, sitting on the counter, sniffling.

"You were getting hurt and that hurt me."

"Crystal, do you know how kind you are?" Emily asks me.

"No. I don't, but thank you!" 

"Why were they making fun of me?" Emily asks.

"Even I can't explain some stuff." I sighed. We had gotten to know each other alot in the past hour we were in here, cleaning her up. I texted Louis, telling them to head home. 

"Why don't we do some shopping?" I ask, smiling.


"Well, didn't you wanna say you wanted to feel pretty?" I ask her. She replies with a nod of her head.

"Then common. Even though you're already pretty, I'll make you even MORE PRETTIER!" I shout, taking her hand and dragging it.

We try out new clothes until we stumble upon a beautiful, bright red dress. It has a red wrapping that goes over one of the shoulders to wrap around the waist and ends in a straight bow. 

"It's beautiful." I whisper.

"Go try it on!" Emily encourages me.

"No I meant it's beautiful... for you." I murmur. We make a mad dash to the clothing rack where the dress is in front of. We see a girl taking the last size that fits Emily. 

"Excuse me, ma'am?" I ask the girl. 

"Ew. Yeah?" The woman asks. I ignore the rude comment and ask her,

"Hey. May we use that dress?" 

"Ew. No." the woman tells me.

I give Emily the 'one second' sign and I take the clothing from her, while she stands shocked. 

"Why don't you try this one? It really makes your eyes pop." I recommend her. She follows my eyes to a beautiful dress that was light brown that was strapless while the black wrapped around her.

"Why don't you try it on?" I ask her.

"Yeah. This is so much better than the red one!" She exclaims.

"I'm Crystal." I smile to her.

"Eleanor." She smiles back, walking to the changing room. I walk back to a surprised Emily.

"How'd you just do that?" she asks.

"Do what? I was just helping her. And go get dressed!" I giggle, handing her the dress.

"But how is this gonna make me feel pretty?" Emily asks me.

"You'll see." I say smiling.

We buy the red dress which looks absolutely gorgeous and we head to the car. Louis left the keys underneath a plant for me to find so Emily and me could head home. I practically bought her a new closet. Louis left his credit card with me on accident. 

"Emily, where's your orthodontist?" I ask her.

"Just around the corner. Why?" she asks.

"Let's go."

     "Well, if the head gear is taken off, then that means she'll have to wear her braces alone for about another year. The head gear just makes the process faster."

"Alright well just take it off please?" I ask the orthodontist. 

"It'll take about a hour and thirty minutes." The orthodontist informs me. I quickly get Emily's shoe size and pants size and shirts size and hug Emily goodbye. 

"I'll see you soon okay?" I wave goodbye. 

    It'd been almost 45 minutes since I left. I was out at the mall, finding my own dress. I was going to take the whole gang out to dinner tomorrow. And I want Emily to be totally gorgeous. But... since it was going to be fancy, I needed a dress of my own right? I came across a pretty high-hem, low-hem dress that was strapless. It matched my eyes and it looked beautiful. I quickly purchased it. I walked into another shoe store, finding red, laced wedges that matched Emily's outfit perfectly. I find a pair of green high heels that have no straps. The only holding thing in is the two pieces of green silk that meets up in the middle to a a circular pin that has fake-diamonds pressed into it. By now it's 10 minutes until Emily should be done. I quickly run to Sephora, purchasing a red lipstick with a black eyeliner followed by a mascara. I have the rest resources at home. 


"Crystal!" Louis shouts, jumping at me.

"Get off of me." I say coldly. 

"Look I'm sorry. I was just trying to have fun." He apologizes.


"I'm sorry." I whisper. 

"No. I'm sorry."

"I kinda used money on your credit card." I smile slightly.

"It's ok!" he exclaims.

"Well you guys have to make it up to me okay?" I question the boys and Esther that had gathered.

"Anything!" Niall smiles.

"All of you guys go to dinner with me tomorrow. I'm bringing a friend. And Esther. I'd love it if you spent the night here? I brought the things for you." I tell Esther, giving her a bag full of clothes and necessities.

"See you tomorrow!" I shout, waving.


"Emily!" I shout.


"Put this mask on!" I command her, handing her a mask. 

"For my acne?" 

I nod. She has pretty bad acne.

"And then I want you to apply this all over your body and rinse it out,, and I left all the things that you need to shave and then put on the second mask over there and with the mask on, step in the bath that I set for you. You can take your time because I made the water really hot so once you step in, it should be just the right temperature. Remember, after 45 minutes of bathing in there, apply this mud-mask and shampoo then condition, but DON'T RINSE IT OUT! Hold it with this ponytail. Then tell me when I can come in. Okay?" I order.

I leave a purple robe and remind her to put it on and then walk out, getting ready myself. She walks out, her hair still in a ponytail. 

"You're hair isn't rinsed from the conditioner right?" I ask her. She nods and I signal her to sit down. 

"Ready for a hair cut?" I smile. Her hair was split in the middle. I take it out and comb it through, parting it to the side. That instantly made her prettier. Most of her acne was gone. Thanks to the Korean miracle in a bottle that Esther bought for me when she visited Korea.


I take her and rinse her hair out over the bath. I put a rejuvenating oil in it and wait fifteen minutes. 

"Why're you doing this?" Emily asks me, smiling. Most of her acne was gone now. I had applied more of the Korean cream followed by a facial. 

"Doing what?" I ask, tilting my head to the right.

"Making me feel pretty."

I smile and explain," Everyone should feel pretty."

"Thank you." Emily smiles.

"Common let's rinse your hair."


I was done now. I didn't have to get ready as much. She got into her dress. She honestly looked beautiful. I just needed to do her makeup to cover up some of the leftover, stubborn acne. I took some foundation and pressed two dots across her whole face.

"Will that be enough?" Emily asks me.

"Don't worry. If you wear too much, then you'll get more acne." I reassure her.

I dab a vibrant red onto the middle of her eyes. I then take a brush and pat some black onto the brush. I soon create a gradient, black-and-red smokey eye. I ended with a white eye-shadow with a red under-tone. I curl her eyes and apply mascara after I line her eyes. I ask her to smile and apply blush on her cheeks. I put on the red lipstick onto her lined lips and tell her to open her eyes. She looks as if she's about to cry.

"DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?" I ask her, panicking.

"No. You made me beautiful, Crystal."

I smile and start curling her hair. I combine a few curls and it creates a really big curl. I do the same to the other half and carefully place it over a thick piece of curled hair. I hair-spray it quickly and let out a,"Ta-da!" 

Tonight, I would make the boys and Esther know that everyone has inner beauty.

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