My One and Only

When Crystal Dyce decides to get away from America, she encounters a member from the world-wide famous boy-band- One Direction. Louis and her bond as friends over countless get-togethers over coffee. One day, she's taken to meet the boys. What happens when Harry starts to fancy her too?


2. Meeting the Band

Crystal's POV

"Hey, Crystal?" 

"Yes, Louis?"

"How'd you like meeting the boys?" Louis asks, glancing down at his phone. I finally realized that he was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. 


"Common, please? It'll be fun!"

"Can Esther come too?" I ask. He nods before screwing in the last light-bulb to my chandelier that he had gotten me.




"Yes! Now come on!" I laugh. 

"Wow, I forgot how much work we got done in three months." Esther whispers. 

"I'm so proud of what we did!" Louis exclaims.

"You sound like my grandma when we play team-bingo." Esther says while rolling her eyes in the process. Louis pouts and I hug him to make him happy. 

    We shortly arrive to Louis' house, exhaling, causing puffs of smoke to float into the winter air. 

Louis opens the door shouting,"BOYS! WE'RE HOOOOOOMMMMME!" 

Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry come running towards Esther and me, attacking us in a bear hug.

"Nice to meet you too!" Esther laughs.

Louis' POV

"I'm just gonna use the loo." Crystal says, walking towards the washroom.

"Esther. Come here!" I whisper to her. I signal the guys to come here too.

"Okay. So I have a confession... I like Crystal."

"I KNEW IT!" Esther shouts.

"Know what?" Crystal asks, walking out of the washroom.

"Know... that I forgot the muffin basket I had made back at home. Could you kindly go and get it?" Esther asks, covering me. I shoot her a look of thanks while I watch Crystal head out the door, coat already on.

"So what's going on?" Zayn asks, getting right to the point.

"I like Crystal. But I don't want her to turn out like Amy. So I was thinking... I could invite my cousin over- who is considered ugly and everything- and..."

And with that, the plan unfolded.

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