Blossom Street

Alizia Hernandaz lives in Toledo, Spain and Derrekk Radke lives in Los Angelos, California. Two completely different places that would take hours to get to, right? No, not exactly.
Alizia lives on Flor Calle (Blossom Street), she lives in a hotel which her mother owns. It's a little hotel which gets enough business to keep the hotel running. In the next room over to hers there lives a scientist. Alizia likes him but, one day he wants to give her an early Festival gift and it's not exactly what she expects. Just remember that there's more than one Blossom Street..


3. Blossom Street- Chapter 3

                    The next morning she awoke to two voices arguing. Turning over, she saw that Derrekk was no longer beside her. So, that meant that the voices below her were Matt's and Derrekk's. She groaned and got up seeing that it was 8 AM. Walking down the stairs she saw the two of them tugging on a spatula. 

"I'm going to cook for Alizia!" Matt tugged on the spatula making a 'huff' sound.

"No, I'll cook for Alizia, the last time you cooked you decided that eggs tasted good burnt!" Derrekk pulled on the spatula. Alizia tried to contain herself but, soon the giggles began to flood out. Their heads shot up and looked at her, but their hands stayed firm on the spatula.

"Good morning, Alizia." they both said in unison.

"I'm sorry, would you two care if I help? It's the least I could do." Alizia offered a smile as she walked down the stairs towards the two of them.

"Oh, if you'd like to. If you don't want to, we could manage." Matt said ruffling the back of his hair.

"No, it's fine. I don't mind at all! I love to cook, what are we cooking?" Alizia pulled down the shirt she was wearing and began to help the boys.



"So, we were wondering if you wanted to go to the carnival today?" Matt asked then, quickly recovered himself, "With us."

"It happens today only and we thought that you'd like to go." Derrekk questioned her. Derrekk took a bite of his eggs and swallowed, slowly.

"Well I guess so, I just- I mean you have both been giving me so much. It just doesn't seem fair." she frowned, picking at the eggs that were on her plate.

"Well, let us pay for this then if you'd like you could get a job close to the beach." Derrekk said smiling.

"You could work at Sally's Seafood Shack! It's right beside where we work!" Matt exclaimed.

"Where do you two work?" Alizia asked, her facial expression was questioning whether she should do that or not.

"Oh, we work as lifeguards at the beach. That's why when we saw you and started freaking out that's because we thought you were drowning but, then we saw you were fine and decided it'd be best if we took you here."

"It scared us, we really hadn't thought seen anyone drown before and plus you out nowhere. (( The beach is very safe. -HK))  It just really surprised us." Derrekk smiled.

"Well, I hope you know I'm fine now. Thank you so much for letting me stay here." she smiled, "I've never felt so welcome before, thank you so much."



Alizia and the boys got dressed. Alizia wore what the boys bought her yesterday, but she mostly was mesmerized by the sandals with beads around the latch. She felt confident with her new look. They got into the yellow colored jeep, which the boys owned. Soon they began their journey to the carnival. They boys turned the radio up and started to sing and dance to the music while, Alizia giggled.

"What are you wearing?" she asked pointing to the things covering Derrekk's eyes.

"Oh, these?" he asked pointing to his eyes,"They're called sunglasses," he replied , taking the lime colored glasses he placed them on the bridge of her nose, "you look cute in them."

"You haven't heard of them before?" Matt asked staring at the plain road in front of them.

"No, where I come from you can hardly  find shoes. It's a very poor part of Spain. I mean I've seen some of the the wealthier people wearing them but, I didn't know they were called sunglasses. " Alizia sighed. 

"You can have these sunglasses, Alizia. Don't worry either, I have an extra pair, right here!" he took some glasses out of the glove compartment, "see." he smiled as he placed the glasses onto the bridge of his nose.

"Okay, but-"

"But, nothing! Keep them." Matt smirked.

      There was a long silence as Alizia stared out the window and thought about the way everything moved in perfect harmony. The way the shore lapped over the sand at the same time the palm tree's leaves swayed. It was amazing to see and to experience. Suddenly, there was a bright image in front of her. She saw it, she saw the carnival.

"Are you excited?" Matt asked Alizia with a smile that was widening by the second, "I know I am!" they parked beside the carnival.

"Yes! Come on, let's go!" she jumped out of the jeep and opened Derrekk's door. Pulling him out, Derrekk laughed and patted her head with his free hand.

"We have to wait for Matt." Derrekk said, pushing up Alizia's sunglasses. Matt came over and smiled for them to start going.

"I'm so excited!" Matt said in a high pitched voice that was supposed to sound like Alizia. They all laughed and started off towards the carnival.

"Have you ever tried cotton candy before, Alizia?" Derrekk questioned her while purchasing their tickets and riding passes.

"What's that?" she asked, confusingly. 

"It's super sweet stuff that melt in your mouth. It's really good. We'll make sure you get some later." Matt said walking into the fun that was called a carnival.  Derrekk pushed himself through the crowd, taking Alizia's hand with him. Chills erupted through her hand into her arm and then her whole body.

"Be careful, Ali! We just got you, we don't want to lose you." Derrekk smiled. Alizia's stomach couldn't take anymore of the feelings going on in it. 

"Did you just call me Ali?"

"Can I call you Ali?" Derrekk smiled, "I thought it suited you. Do you like it?" 

"It's beautiful, I love it!" They followed Matt to a ride which had a super long line.

"I'm going to go get us something to drink." Matt shrugged his shoulders.

"Not me!  I'm not thirsty but, thank you anyways." Alizia patted his shoulder and smiled as he walked away.

"Call him Mattie when he gets back, it'll make him feel really happy." Derrekk smiled and gave her a thumbs up as Alizia shrugged and rolled her eyes. She turned herself around as Matt proceeded to walk towards them holding two drinks in his hands. She hadn't noticed before but, all the girls seemed to notice him quickly. Which was totally understandable, he was cute. Well cute was an understatement, he was hot. He smiled at Alizia and handed Derrekk his drink.

"I'm so excited!! Aren't you Mattie?" Alizia smiled. Matt's eyes slowly widened with care and his bad- boy image slowly went away and was replaced with gentleness. Derrekk smirked and unexpectedly Matt jumped at her with a hug. Alizia took it by surprise but, hugged him back.

"How'd you know that that's the nickname my aunt used to call me?" Matt smiled and laid his hand on her hair.

"I-I didn't really, I just thought that it was a good nick-name. Apparently, it must be." Alizia giggled.

"Look guys! The line's letting up a bit'."Derrekk was frowning which confused Alizia. She let go of Matt  and walked next to Derrekk and so did Matt. They were next to get on; the man opened the gate for them to enter. Alizia smiled and thanked the man while the boys pulled her towards the next open basket that would soon be in the air. Derrekk gave her a gentle push into the basket; she sat down as the basket rocked slowly. Alizia panicked as Derrekk and Matt got in to the basket too. 

"Why is it rocking?" Alizia said moving over to make room for Derrekk to sit beside her and Matt sat across from the two of them.

"It's made a little lose so when we go in the air it will make it more dramatic!" Matt said loudly because, of the loud carnival sounds and the music that was being played all across the carnival. Suddenly, a jerk caused the ride to start. Alizia jumped and realized her hand was resting on Derrekk's leg.

"I'm sorry." she moved her hand away and smiled.

"It's fine, Ali." he smiled patting her head. The ride got higher up and finally reached the top. Alizia got a bad feeling deep inside of her, it made her uneasy and sick. Something wasn't right but, she knew that Derrekk and Matt couldn't tell because they weren't moving. Nothing was. Alizia began to panic and she patted Derrekks' cheeks then, Matt's. The basket moved while Alizia fumbled almost falling out of it. Then, everything started back again and Derrekk laughed as the ride got faster.

"Whew-hoo! Yeah!" Matt yelled with humor on his face. Alizia realized that she was holding her breath.

"I want off." Alizia said startling the boys fun, "Please let me off." her face was turning paler by the seconds.

"Ali?" Derrekk asked not sure of what was happening to her and Matt looked just as concerned.

"I'm sorry I just can't take it." she was shaking as the ride started to slow down. Derrekk frowned as he took her hand and she rested her head in the nook of his neck. 

"Don't worry about it, we don't have to ride anymore. We can rest a bit'-"

"Well, I wanna ride more." Matt said but, quickly regretted it, " only if your okay."  The ride came to a gentle stop. Derrekk walked Alizia to a little side restaurant with an arcade.

Her mind was racing, trying to find some reason to why this had happened to her but, nothing came to mind and she was lost like she was when she first got here, only this time she could never find her way.

They all sat down inside the restaurant as Alizia shuddered at what had happened. Matt frowned and sat across from them while Derrekk hugged Alizia.

"Matt, you can go ride some more rides." Derrekk assured Matt. Matt opened his mouth to speak but, then turned to Alizia who rose her head and nodded, sadly. Matt smiled and walked out of the restaurant.

"I'll be right back Ali, I'm going to go get you something cold." he frowned placing his hand over her forehead, "Your burning up." He rose out of the booth and walked over to order something. Alizia looked around and her eyes followed over to him once more. He looked so nervous.

Her eyes were still wet and she wondered if her face was as red as it was hot. She watched Derrekk come back over towards her  with what looked like a slushie in his hand.

"Here you go." he handed her the slushie and smiled at her. He sat down and looked down at his intertwined fingers,  "Were you scared of the ride or scared of being close to me?"

Alizia stopped sucking down the drink and began to think, what would she say? She began to speak, "Neither." A single word was enough.

"Then, what's wrong? Matt?" he kept still and kept his eyes focused on his hands.

"No." Alizia said, not wanting to keep this conversation going any longer than it already had been.

"Alizia, I need to know what's wrong, I need to fix what's wrong. So, please tell me." Derrekk said in a caring tone.

"I can fix my own problems, just leave me be." Harshly said, Derrekk looked at her. He saw tears proceed from her hot face.

"Ali, let me help. I want to be there for you. Just tell me, let me help." he put his hand on her shoulder. Alizia thought about his sudden actions and gave in.

"On the ride, when we got to the very top, everything stopped completely, you, Matt. Everything, even the ride. I panicked and almost fell out of the basket. It was like you were made of glass. I thought I wouldn't get the two of you back and everything would stay that way forever. I wouldn't lie to you, Derrekk. It all happened and I couldn't do anything about it." Alizia frowned, feeling warm liquid feel her eyes again. Derrekk half smiled and hugged her.

"Don't cry. Everything's okay now, I'm here, Matt's out there somewhere." he said it in a funny tone as they both giggled, "Now then, how about we go play some games over there?" he pointed over to the small arcade.

"Sure." she smiled and got up and followed him over to the little arcade.



"Are you guys done, yet?" Matt groaned as, Alizia and Derrekk played their last game of air hockey. Alizia was losing by 2 points.

"Once, I beat him! Then, we can go!" Alizia slid her stick across the table, fiercely. Derrekk slid the stick with ease.

"Alizia!" Matt groaned, Alizia just shrugged. She wanted to win but, she realized that Derrekk was really good at these games. 

She decided to re-word what she said.

"As soon as I score another point." Alizia guessed that Derrekk was getting tired and ready to go home because, he easily missed the next point and awarded it to her. It was obvious that they all were getting tired. After all, it had been a long day, even though it was only 4 pm. They slowly walked towards the door of the place called "Millard's Arcade and Restaurant". Alizia turned around and waved to the man at the cash register then, exited the arcade.

"WAIT! Before, we go we HAVE to get some cotton candy for Alizia!" Matt stopped in his tracks and dragged them towards a cotton candy vendor. 

"I'll eat some later when we get home because, I'm not hungry right now." Alizia smiled taking hold of the bucket of cotton candy. 



"What are we going to do when get home?" Alizia asked, "I mean your home." she didn't want to sound like she was making it her own home. It wasn't right to make it her home, she had a home in Toledo. Suddenly her thoughts of her home were interrupted.

"What are you talking about? Our home is your home, your probably going to live here for awhile so, it's only right for you to call it yours." Derrekk turned and looked down at her with a gentle smile. She thought about what he said, he was right, "Oh and I'm not sure. Whatever you wanna do."

"I'm taking a nap; today was rough. You know?" Matt looked at Alizia, "Right, Ali?" Alizia's head snapped up and turned to look at Matt, "By the way, I'm taking that nickname, Derrekk."

Derrekk rolled his eyes, "I don't care, Matt. It's just a nickname." Alizia ran towards the car and waited for Matt to unlock the door. 

"Anyways, what do you two plan to do while I take a nap?" Matt unlocked the doors and jumped in.  Starting the car, he noticed that they hadn't replied so, he turned to look at them, "Yeah, I'm hiding the markers and locking my bedroom door." 

"I think we might go to the beach and the boardwalk. Isn't the boardwalk open till' 6?" Derrekk asked Matt and he simply nodded, "Does that sound good, Ali?" Ali ((Yeah, let's just start calling her Ali since, the boys are. -HK)) nodded and smiled as, she slid on the sunglasses that had been given to her. 

"I'm so tired.." Slowly she fell into a deep sleep. 'Today was wonderful.' Alizia thought in her sleep








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