Blossom Street

Alizia Hernandaz lives in Toledo, Spain and Derrekk Radke lives in Los Angelos, California. Two completely different places that would take hours to get to, right? No, not exactly.
Alizia lives on Flor Calle (Blossom Street), she lives in a hotel which her mother owns. It's a little hotel which gets enough business to keep the hotel running. In the next room over to hers there lives a scientist. Alizia likes him but, one day he wants to give her an early Festival gift and it's not exactly what she expects. Just remember that there's more than one Blossom Street..


2. Blossom Street- Chapter 2

             She felt herself being pulled up then, she felt herself go down. Before, she knew it she felt water touch her feet and her whole body. She swam up and opened her eyes. She was now in California, she guessed, she began to turn around and look at the sand then tilted her head up slightly. She saw people and heard birds, then people walked towards her, a boy, a man, and another boys, both boys had no shirts on, only swimming trunks.

One of the boys began to speak, "Are you okay? You just came out of nowhere."

She looked at him, "Where am I, exactly?"

"Los Angeles, California. Here let me help you." he took her hand and began to pull her up, "Umm..let me go get you a towel." his eyes were wide, Alizia looked down only to see herself not fully clothed, at all. She panicked and ran back into the water, which covered her up. The boy came back and smiled at her.

"It's okay, here. Come out of the water, I promise not to look." he held out the towel for her to wrap herself in. She walked out of the water and wrapped herself in the towel. He opened his eyes and looked at her, Okay, now tell me about yourself. I'm worried you might not know."

"Well, I'm Alizia Hernandaz. I'm from Spain. My mom owns a little hotel. There's really nothing else." That was a lie, there was much more to say but, she couldn't say.

"Hello! How old are you and are you single?" a boy said walking up to them and laid his hand on her shoulder.

"Matt! Leave her alone! Sorry, Alizia. Matt's a bit' of a jerk," he slapped Matt's hand off her shoulder , "Oh, I forgot. I'm Derrekk Radke and I'm eighteen. How old are you?"

"I'm seventeen," Alizia said with a smile on her face.

"Well Alizia, would you like us to go get you some clothes?" Derrekk asked, and Matt looked at him wide-eyed. 

"Sure, but I wouldn't want to be a bother to the two of you." she looked at him and he shook his head haphazardly.

"As long as your not picky," the boys ran towards the shops on the side of the beach. Alizia sat on the sand, tightening the towel around herself. She ran her fingers through the sand, loving the sound it made as people stepped on it. She closed her eyes taking in every sound, every feel, every bit' of her surroundings until, a gentle voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Alizia, here's some clothes and a pair of sandals. I hope you like it, it's not the best thing ever but-" she got up and hugged Matt and Derrekk.

"Thank you so much! Look! You even got me sandals! Thank you both so much! It means so much to me," she smiled and hugged them tighter.

"Your welcome." Derrekk said, rubbing the back of his neck smiling.

"Whatever." Matt walked away. 

"Where are you going Matt? We're going home." Derrekk pulled Matt along with them.

"Wait, so your going home with us?" Matt asked, confused. His grin was showing then, a dimple was exposed.

"Yes, I guess so. Can- may I change there Derrekk?" 

"Yeah, of course you can. Right when we get there you can, I know it must be pretty awkward with just a towel covering up your body. Sorry about that."

"It's okay, it's not like it's your fault." Alizia laughed and they continued to walk to there house.

" How'd you get here?" Matt asked the question she knew that was coming.

"Well, I don't know exactly. I just remember the feel of cool water running over me," she continued, "it felt wonderful. It felt like running through a puddle when your feet hit the water." Derrekk smiled at her while Matt just rolled his eyes.

"I was hoping you were some kind of alien babe." Matt had an appalled look on his face while Derrekk smacked him.

"Be nice to Alizia!" They began to hit each other over and over and Alizia just giggled. They stopped and looked at each other then at Alizia as a smile danced across their face. They both ran back over to here and smirked.

"By the way Alizia, we have a spare bedroom you can use until you go back home. But, you don't have to go back yet! I mean unless you have to." Derrekk rubbed the back of his neck frantically and half- smiled. She grinned and giggled a little bit' without him seeing.

"Nice going Romeo," Matt whispered in his ear as Derrekk jabbed him in the rib with his elbow.

"So, what street do you live on?" Alizia asked, curious. She doubted that they lived on Blossom Street, it would be amazing if they did but, a little creepy too.

"Oh, we live on Blossom Street, weird name, huh?" Derrekk looked at Alizia about to laugh but, stopped when he saw the look on her face. Alizia had stopped walking and was in complete shock, she was suddenly scared. 'What was happening?' she wondered, "Alizia? Are you okay?" Her eyes looked traced his face.

"Is there something wrong?" Yes, lots of things, actually but she wouldn't dare say that to them or anyone.

"No, it's- it's just," they stared at her awaiting her answer but, she wasn't quite ready to tell them, yet or possibly anytime soon. But, she had changed her mind so many times in the past she had no clue whether she would or not, "nothing. It's nothing at all." she smiled.

They all began to walk again and she suddenly remembered that she dropped the pen and note pad in the water, she smacked her forehead. Hating the idea of it, she would have to ask them for that as well. She knew they wouldn't mind giving it to her, she just doesn't want to annoy them with anymore requests but, she had already promised the professor she'd write down all the things that didn't work out quite right, and she knew there were a lot.

"We're here!" Matt yelled, storming inside the house. Derrekk rolled his eyes and looked at Alizia.

"Go ahead, you can go inside." he gestured towards the door but, she shook her head.

"My hair is still wet and if I go inside, it will get your floor wet too." she frowned.

"Your fine, I'll clean it up if you do. Besides," he touched her hair, "it's not that wet."

She quivered under his touch, "Okay," she walked inside tightening the towel around her body and taking in her new surroundings, "your house is beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you!" Matt suddenly was behind her. With one simple kiss on the cheek, memories began to flood her brain drowning the new ones. Tears fell onto the towel that was once dry and she fell to the floor with horrid memories flickering through her head, she whimpered as pain went through her.

"I'm sorry, Sanjay. I'm so sorry, lo siento! I'm sorry!" she cried, and yelled. The boys panicked and plopped to the floor beside her.

"Alizia, what's wrong?" Derrekk picked her up and Matt ran to his side.

"Sanjay, I'm sorry. It's all my fault." she spoke quietly with hot tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, "Make the memories go away." 

She burrowed her head into Derrekk chest and whimpered, hoping some way, somehow that the memories would go and never come back. Her head ached and her body shuddered. 

"I think we should just let her rest and if she wants to tell us about what happened then, let her but, let's not pry into her personal life." Derrekk held her closer almost as if he didn't want to put her down.

"Let's take her to the carnival tomorrow. I think she'd like that a lot, she'd have a lot of fun there." Matt suggested, stroking the spot he kissed her, "I didn't mean to frighten her, I just really like her. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her."

"I'll talk to you about this later, just go do something while I go put her in her room." Derrekk angrily, went up the stairs and into the guest room. He laid her down gently tugging the covers to about chin length and smiled at Alizia. He began to walk off but, a small voice stopped him.

"I'm sorry, Derrekk. I'm sorry for you having to see me that way. I'm sorry for ever coming here." Alizia sat up and looked at the back of him. He slowly turned around to face her and shook his head with a frown on his face.

"Don't say that, you have nothing to be sorry for. You have been through so much today, and if you ever want to talk you can always talk to me." Derrekk smiled and began to turn around and walk out the door but, again a frail voice stopped him.

"Derrekk," she mumbled twiddling her fingers as he nodded, "may I please have something to sleep in? I don't want to wrinkle the beautiful clothes you bought me." 

She frowned and looked up at him, "Yeah, I think I have a t-shirt that would be a little long on you. Would that work?" he asked.

"Yeah, that'd be wonderful." she smiled, brightly, "Thank you for everything." 

"No problem, I'll be back in a minute with the shirt." he opened the door and walked out.



               She changed into Derrekk's shirt and laid in the comfy bed given to her. She thought about Sanjay and about whether she should tell the boys are not, a tear trickled down her cheek and onto the cotton pillows. She felt the cool breeze blow from the open window and refresh her hot face. The house that was now a home for her was too beautiful for her to believe. She looked at the little lamp beside her, her eyes danced upon the pattern of the antique. It was brightly colored with many patterns that made her want to dance across the jagged lines. The lamp's beautiful patterns made her tears turn to a smile. Suddenly, her thoughts of the lamp were interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. She sat up in her bed and replied to the knock with a 'come in'.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" Derrekk asked her cracking the door just enough to see his beautiful blue eyes and his jaw line.  

"Oh, no. I was just laying here thinking." she sat up, completely.

"Oh, well I brought you some cookies. I figured you might be hungry." he walked in and handed her the plate with three cookies on it.

"Thank you, my favorite." she smiled taking a big bite out of the chocolate chip and almond cookies, "Did you make these?" 

"Uh, yeah. Matt usually makes fun of me liking baking." he laughed, "May I ask, you said that you were thinking a moment ago, what were you thinking about?" 

"Oh, uh." she looked out the window at the dark skies and sighed, "I was thinking about someone."

"Usually when someone says that they have a smile on their face so, is it a bad person? Or-" Before Derrekk could finish Alizia jumped in.

"NO! He's not a bad person AT ALL! HE NEVER WAS!" she yelled at him and he frowned looking at the hurt in her eyes, "I'm sorry- I'm so sorry." The tears came back and she fell into his arms. Her tears wet his shirt and he hugged her closer.

"I'm sorry for asking you. I shouldn't have asked, do you forgive me? I don't want to see those tears again, I want to see your beautiful smile." Derrekk pulled her up and sat her in his lap.

"No, if I'm going to live here for a little while, you deserve to know everything." she cried out to him, "Please listen, no one else will so will you?"

"Of course, I told you that you could tell me anything." his eyes were staring into hers, her eyes told him everything. Whatever she was going to say didn't have a happy ending and wasn't going to help him sleep tonight.

"Okay, here goes." she took a deep breath and sighed, "Three years ago I had a boyfriend named Sanjay, he was the love of my life, no one could replace him. He treated me so good, he never hit me or ever hurt me. My whole family loved him and his family loved me, everything was perfect," she stopped and took a breath then, started to tear inside as memories came back again.

"Until, a year ago. We got into a really bad fight, he wanted me to run away with him. He wanted us to go far away and be with each other forever and I didn't want to. I told him that I liked being with my family and that I loved it where I was. He got upset no, he got really angry so he said he was going on his own. I said that he could go and I wouldn't care either way. So, he went off and bought lots of beer, rented a car, and- well he ran into another car and died instantly from brain damage. It was all my fault, all of it. I was so stupid to say those things when I didn't even mean it, I loved him so much and now because of those words that I can't take back, he's dead. He's gone forever, his family hates me, all my friends thought of me as a bad person so, they didn't want me as a friend. I was depressed for so long, I hated myself and I couldn't take anything back,

"my life was a complete waste and the worst part is that I couldn't blame anyone but, myself. I just wanted someone to say that everything was going to be fine but, no one ever-" she was crying so much that Derrekk's pajama pants were completely soaked. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, he kissed her head and rocked her. 

"Shh..Alizia, everything is-"

"Don't say those words, no else ever has so don't say it. Don't be my hero!" she cried and whined.

"Everything's going to be fine, everything's going to be great, good, wonderful." he stroked her head.

"Please help me. I need someone. I-I just want someone to be there and- and to be loved again. I'm- I'm just scared." 

"Shh.. I'm here. You have me, everything's fine." he held her with care and hummed to her, "you have Matt too. You are loved, your loved so much."



She fell asleep laying on Derrekk's chest. Her cheeks were still burning a bright red and dry tear marks were left behind. Derrekk still laid awake, he knew he wouldn't sleep tonight after hearing her horrid story. She was scared to love again and she's so hurt inside. He wondered how her mother felt after this happened well, her whole family. He felt her body shiver next to his so, he took the cover and pulled it around her tucking it around her. 

          He didn't want her to feel like that anymore so, he made a promise to himself. He would let her experience love, life, and everything. He knew he already loved her but, somehow he knew that she knew that he loved her in a relationship kind of way. Matt didn't know any of this and Derrekk would make sure he wouldn't. This was between Alizia and himself. She shook again and her eyes opened. Her grey brown orbs shown through the darkness and made him smile.

"What time is it?" she asked, stretching.

"About 3 AM." he replied with a sleepy smile that made Alizia smile.

"Why aren't you sleeping Derrie-Beary?" Alizia asked quietly.

"Because, I like watching you sleep," he smiled, "did you know you snore? It's super loud too." he said, teasing her.

"I do not!" she giggled.

"Do too! You almost sound like Matt when he sleeps." Derrekk nodded his head laughing. They both giggled.

"Are you and Matt brothers?" Alizia asked, "because you both look a lot alike."

"No, he's my cousin. My aunt and uncle didn't want him after they had him so, my parents took him in and raised us together. Only for them to leave us 16 years later for no reason," he frowned, "just don't tell him I told you all this. He doesn't like to talk about it." he looked at her, "tell me about how you got here, I have a feeling you know how, don't you?" his eyes got narrow for the moment and Alizia panicked.

"Oh my look at the time! Wow, might as well go back to bed now!" Alizia closed her eyes and prayed he wouldn't bring it up again.

"Alizia, I'm not going to tell Matt or anyone. Just tell me," Derrekk smiled and Alizia sighed she wished his smile wasn't so perfect.

"Okay," she stated, "my neighbor is a scientist so for an early Festival gift he let me- he made a transporter." Alizia sighed, she finally got it off her chest.

"So, you transported her?" he asked, amazed.

"Yep, and the scary part is that he never told me how to get back." she frowned.

"Don't worry, when your ready Matt and I will take you back. I've always wanted to go to Spain anyways." Derrekk poked the dimple that was showing now as she smiled. 

"Thank you for everything, you two are the best. Well, I think I'm going to go back to sleep. Night-night Derrie-Beary."

"Good night, Alizia."



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