Blossom Street

Alizia Hernandaz lives in Toledo, Spain and Derrekk Radke lives in Los Angelos, California. Two completely different places that would take hours to get to, right? No, not exactly.
Alizia lives on Flor Calle (Blossom Street), she lives in a hotel which her mother owns. It's a little hotel which gets enough business to keep the hotel running. In the next room over to hers there lives a scientist. Alizia likes him but, one day he wants to give her an early Festival gift and it's not exactly what she expects. Just remember that there's more than one Blossom Street..


1. Blossom Street- Chapter 1

"Alizia! Come here! Prisa!" Alizia's mother yelled, wanting her to come downstairs. As she scampered down the hotel stairs and into the hotel's foyer, she wondered what her annoying mother wanted this time.

"Yes, mamá?" she asked her, impatiently.

"I need you to go to the market and pick up these things please, "she gestured towards the note on the counter, "you already knew there's going to be a big feast tonight with all of the guest in order to prepare for the festival."

Alizia wasn't surprised, her mother had been preparing for this feast for the past two day, and that meant Alizia had to work just as much as her own mother. Willingly, Alizia nodded, " Yes, mamá. But, I really hoped I could get some new shoes or sandals," she looked down at her bare feet and scrawny scuffed up toes, "is that too much to ask? I mean, I haven't had a pair in a long time."

"Well, I suppose I could get you some at next weeks festival. Could you wait until then?"

"Yes! That'd be wonderful! Thank you mamá!"

"Su bienvenida, now go get my stuff before I change my mind!" her mother kissed her cheek and sent her off. On her way out of the hotel she spotted the "Professor" that lived the next door down from their's in the hotel. He was always a bit' of a wacko but, Alizia never had a problem with him. She ran up beside him and greeted him.

"Hello, professor!" Alizia said, sweetly.

"Well, hello Suzanne!" The professor sang sweetly.

"It's Alizia, sir." Alizia stood, proudly. 

"Oh! Alizia, good to see you. Hey, visit me later. You know the code, knock four times," he sounded tired, "I have an early festival surprise JUST for you!"

"Aww, gracias professor!" Curiosity filled her mind as she wondered what it could be. He was a professor, so that narrowed it down to scientific stuff.

"Blossom street is not only in Spain, keep that in mind!" he looked excited, then his face turned serious, "See you in awhile, dear! Make sure to come before the feast!"

"Okay, goodbye!" She ran to the market not caring about the people yelling at her, to watch where she was going, only they spoke Spanish. She looked at the grocery list and bought the required food or ingredients. 

                   Once she finished her shopping she ran back to the hotel, which her mother owned. She was so excited she burst into the foyer and laid the groceries down then, ran to the professor's room. After, knocking four times she heard a click and the door opened to the professor's face.

"Welcome! Come in, come in! I have your gift awaiting." the professor walked her over to a big machine that had a chunky door on the front.

"What is this?" she asked, hardly able to speak.

"Let me ask you, Alizia. Do you remember when I went on vacation for about three months?" he asked her with a wide grin that made Alizia slightly uneasy.

"Well, yeah. What-" before she could finish the professor jumped in.

"What does that have to do with it, you ask? Well, let me explain this to you, for the past two years I have been researching and making- wait for it- a teleporter."

Suddenly, Alizia got two feelings at once, nervousness and excitement. Excitement never came as a feeling for her.

"So, what do you want me to do with it?" she asked looking at the machine.

"I want you to go visit Blossom Street, no not this Blossom Street. Blossom Street in California. Once you go into the transporter you just press the button inside and your cells are brought to California as well as you."

For a seventeen year old girl this was a lot to handle, "Will it hurt?"

"Well, to be honest Alizia. I'm not sure, I haven't tested it yet." he frowned, she guessed that was the one thing he didn't want to tell her.

"I guess I'll do it," her Spanish accent suddenly came out.


"Yes, I've never been out of Spain and I want to see this place called 'California'." she sounded confident, when she actually was really nervous.

"Thank you so much!" the professor sang, happily, "take this with you and write down the things that don't work out correctly." he handed her a pen and note pad.

"Okay," she walked into the machine and the professor closed the door and pressed some buttons, "Professor thank you for this gift."

The professor smiled and nodded his head toward the button in the machine.

This was happening, Alizia was going go California for the first time in her life but, she knew it was not her last.


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