Me, Myself, I ,and Him...

A girl hates her life. the only reason she's alive is 1D! What will hapen when she meets them? Well, :), take a look for yourself! I also take some requests :)


4. Woah Baby!!!

    *Jaylnn's POV*

             I pull into a space, and I pull out some makeup from my purse. When I'm done with touc ups, I start to climb out, and I see a drop dead gorgeous boy about my age, maybe a little older. He has brown curls and emerald green eyes that match my crackle nail polish. He has on a gray hoodie, skinny jeans and dark pink converse on. He's cute! I start walking to "The Milky Bean" and when he's a few feet in front of me, realize it's Harry Styles!!!! He's my favorite I don't know how I could have missed it! I smile when we reach the door he holds it open for me and I blush, great! He smiles back and I think "OMG Hottie!" I get in line and I hear a deeper voice behind me say "So, you come here often?" I turn and blush. It's him! "Every now and then... You?" I hear myself say. "It's me and four friends coffee spot, so fairly often" "Oh," I'm going to have to start coming here more often! I order a vanilla bean wit whipped cream, and as I start to put in my head phones and play one direction when I hear his deep, sexy voice say "so you're a fan? Sorry I don't mean to intrude..." "Oh, no" I cut him off " I mean no you're not intruding, and yeah, I'm a HUGE fan!" I walk to a table and sit down, he slides into the chair in front of me. I blush again, he's so cute! Out if the corner if my eye I see Nial come in. He's wearing a brittish flag tank and dark blue skinny jeans. His hair is in his normal quif. He's wearing dark, mirror sunglasses. I realize I'm stairing when Harry try's to not laugh. "Didn't you say you were meeting 4 of your friends?" I ask politely. "Yeah... Oh here!" He says while scribbling something down on a paper. He hands it to my and it's his numer. I blush as he says he has to go talk to Niall. 


           When he comes over he sneaks up on me like a ninja and scares me with a "BOO!" I jump, startled, and he says "I just got Nialls permission and would you like you sit with the guys and I? PLLEEAASE???" He practically beggs me. "Yes!!! I mean I would love to" I giggle. We look over at Niall and he smiles and waves. "Ok let's go!" I hear Harry exclaim happily


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