Me, Myself, I ,and Him...

A girl hates her life. the only reason she's alive is 1D! What will hapen when she meets them? Well, :), take a look for yourself! I also take some requests :)


3. On My Own

            *Jaylnn's POV*

                        "Ugghh" I grumbl as my mom starts screaming at the top if her lungs at me. All I want to do is just come home from a rough day at collage and go into my bedroom and blog on my laptop but of course,like always, my mum just has to swoop in and ruin it! She starts yelling at me to Get off my lazy bum and do something productive instead of blogging about some "stupid boy band"! But she doesn't get it! One direction IS MY LIFE! They are the only thing that is really keeping my on this cruel planet! But of course my mom doesn't get that because she doesn't understand me!!!

             I go into my room, slamming the door shut. I grab my extra large duffle bag and stuff it with things like money,clothes,little makeup, laptop w/ the charger, ex.. Mum goes in her room, so I burst out of my room with my duffle bag and purse. I grab my phone,car keys, and a couple snacks. I unlock my car and get in. I slam the door as I start the engine. I just need to get away from here to clear my mind. I know just the place, The Milkey Beqn. I've been there once before. It was really nice. 

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