Me, Myself, I ,and Him...

A girl hates her life. the only reason she's alive is 1D! What will hapen when she meets them? Well, :), take a look for yourself! I also take some requests :)


1. Hate Hate Hate!


         Ugh! I hate my life!!! Why was I even born! I am a christian and all, but what's my purpose if God's real? Not many people are like me. Im a normal 18 year old girl. Normal weight and everything, but the only thing different about me is I'm me and I shut people out! If only I could meet One Direction.Then my life would be perfect!!! I get up off the couch and go to the kitchen. I grab a glass of milk and two cookies. I pour milk into a glass. I open the cookies and as I dip them in milk, I turn up the volume on the song "Torn" by One Direction. <3 I eat my two chocolate chip cookies, thinking about my life. How would it change if I were to meet One Direction? Well, my life would be a miracle. I love them so much! Then, I realize it, One Direction saved my life and is now my life. I know everything to when Harry was born to When Liam's last kiss was. I am a alcoholic,and 1D is my alcohol. I sigh, life is so complicated.

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