Me, Myself, I ,and Him...

A girl hates her life. the only reason she's alive is 1D! What will hapen when she meets them? Well, :), take a look for yourself! I also take some requests :)


2. Back to London


                 Simon lets us have a month and a half off to go back home and chill. So we decide to go back home to London. I walk up to my flat and got my key out. As I unlock the door my phone vibrates. I walk in, flop on the black leather couch and pull out my white IPhone. It's Niall. He wantes to know if we want to go to our coffee spot, "The Milkey Bean." We started going there after Niall begged us to take him to coffee, and sadly Starbucks was temporarily out of buisness. :( I shoot him a text agreeing to go, and shortly after, so do the others.


Nialler: Ok, we'll meet there at 11:45

Loius: Hey guys gonna be a little late, looking for new Shoes, I'm thinking Toms, so many people

Hazza: K see you there, OMW 


                 ABout ten minuets later I pull into a parking space next to a white SUV. I'm looking at the cute little stickers on it when a pretty, girl about my age gets out at starts walking. She has long shiny blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and well, she was just drop dead gorgeous!!! WOW I thought. 

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