Moments Like This

Nothing is ever expected. How bout meeting your favorite boy band of all time though? Maybe losing your best friend along the way? Nothing is ever what it seems and maybe, after everything, after all the heartache, something good will come of it.


3. Spoke to Soon

Jasmines POV



I finally get to the park, and for some reason, I have this gut feeling I shouldn't be here.


I sit on a gross park bench, but I didn't really care. The cold breeze made me shiver, but that didn't bother me. What did bother me, though, was that familiar face, with the guy I love.

Both of them smiling. I creeped behind the bush to get a closer look. What surpirsed me was that he was smiling. He literally hasn't smiled in like... 4 years, ever since his Mom died. When I though things could get worse, Denny leaned down and lightly kised Ari. She smiled, unknowing that she was crushing me like a can of soda at the recycling center.


"Spoke too soon" I muttered coldly. I thought about running away in tears, but I was tired of letting Arianna have everything she wanted,so I went right up to her. "Hello, Arianna, Denny"

"Oh, hey Jasmine, what's up?" Denny cheerfully. Obviously, he didn't feel the tension

"Yeah, um, no offense Jaz, but what are you doing here? I thought you were at home." Arianna didn't even seem guilty.

"Well, I figured, since I was ready to go, why not come to the park anyway. And your braces appointment was cancelled?"

"Yeah, I should have texted you, but you know, I was already here, and so was Denny."

"Wait, does she know about us?" Denny was very confused.

"I thought she did." Arianna pretened to be innocent.

I sighed, "And here I actually believed you were my best friend."

"You don't want to be my friend? Then I guess you can't go to the One Direction concert with me," Arianna was obviously trying to hide her smile.

"Fine" Bitch.


Denny's very short POV

I wonder what happened between them... Did Jasmine like me? Well, their best friends, She'll get over it, she has to, right? Don't worry about it Den. But, still, Arianna should try to make it up to Jasmine...


Arianna's POV

I honestly feel a little bad about what I did to Jasmine, but if she can't except Denny and I as a "thing", then I don't want to hang around her. you know what, I'm just going to delete her number.


"Do you really want to delete this number?"


I... don't know... I can't lie to my phone... I still want to be her friend. Maybe I should call her, and apologize? No, it's too soon. But if I don't call her now, I could loose my best friend. Alright, I'll call her

Ring... ring... "Hey this is Jasmine! Not here right now, so please leave a message after the ding!" *Beep*

Of course she wouldn't answer. She said we weren't friends anymore... "Hey Jazzy, I'm really sorry about earlier. I know you really like him, but so do I... I still want to be friends. Can you forgive me? I still need someone to go with me to the One Direction concert! Please call soon." Now we hope for the best...

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