Moments Like This

Nothing is ever expected. How bout meeting your favorite boy band of all time though? Maybe losing your best friend along the way? Nothing is ever what it seems and maybe, after everything, after all the heartache, something good will come of it.


2. Nevermind Then...

Jasmine's POV


"Meet me in the park in half an hour maybe? We got to decide what we're gonna wear. This freaking concert is in 2 days and we have to look hot if we're gonna meet the boys!" she sqeualed, some of the words sounding slurred.


"WE'RE MEETING THE BOYS!?!" I screamed, kicking my desk chair over. I squecked in slight pain. However, no amount of pain could break this mood. Honestly, when I becamse Ari's friend, I'd have to say it was only because our parents were close, and they kinda forced us into being friends. I wasn't into it at first (of course I wouldn't be, it was a forced friendship), but soon enough, we got to know each other better and look at us now. Free concert tickets and VIP passes to the hottest boyband in the un-i-verse.


"Well duh you dummy! Weren't you listeing to the radio announcer!? And I thought I was the slow one." she spoke through the phone with an obvious smirk forming from her lips.


This was a down side to being her friend. You never know if she was being sarcastic or not and when you think she's  being sarcastic, she's actually so serious, vains are popping out of her forehead...literally.


"Yes, I did, I guess I spaced out, but yeah, meet you in 30. Bye." I hung up the phone before she could say her usual sign off and sighed thinking about what might happen at the concert. Ironically, everything I thought of was bad, like one of the boys pulling me up on stage to sing and I fall, knocking down the entire stage set and accidently pushing one of the boys of the stage, only to be attacked by the thousands of fans in the arena. Gosh, my imagination is fucking terrible. I let out another sigh and hesitated on whether I should wear my I <3 One Direction sweat shirt, or my Adventure Time one. It didn't really matter, people looked at me weird when I wore either. Since it was really cold though today, I just threw on the Adventure Time sweater on with the 1D one bundled over it. I looked like a marshmallow. A big, fat, grey marshmallow. I grabbed my to-go rush bag, since, I am kinda in a rush right now, and walked out of my door.


Oh who am I kidding. I turned back around into my room, throwing the purse back on its spot and fixing my chair so that it stood up again. I slipped on my lace gloves and cuffed earrings, applied some marshmallow scented lip balm, tossed my hair around and glanced at the mirror. I looked like my everyday, casual self, giving me no reason to freak out. I should be freaking when they day of the concert comes which is in.... 47 hours, 48 minutes and 49 seconds. Haha, the numbers are in order.

I snapped back into a reality that made sense and shoved my phone back into my back pocket. Ah, see I knew I was forgetting something. I blinked once or twice while standing in front of my door, hesitating to open it... so I decided to go into my closet and sit for about 5 mintues or so since the park was two minutes away and I still had 15 minutes until I had to see Ari. Might as well add 10 minutes though cause she takes FOREVER to get ready.


I opened the door to my closet and sat in my usual spot, just taking in the peace and quiet. Something very rare in this environment of mine. As I was trying to think about good things rather than bad, my phone vibrated.


From: Adri :P

To: Jazzy

Srry, change of plans. c ya at school 2moro. Last min. appointment for the braces. Finally getting them off! Fucking yes!

To: Jazzy

now u can show those teeth off to the boys! c u l8r


Well then, I look foolish, all 'snazzied' up and no where to go. Eh, what they hey. I opened the door, phone still in hand and walked outside. I needed some excercise anyways.

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