Three Guys, One Direction

Miki is ur average 18 year old American girl. But what happens
When she goes to her bestie Devan's party?
Well the fuzz show up and her mother ships her off
To London to live with her brother Josh Devine.
What happens next? Well read!!!


2. The Party

Mikki's POV

I landed on the trampoline like a total badass. I looked back up at my window. No lights on good I started walking to Devan's house. And may I mention that she lives 3 miles away from me next to the mall which also is a downer because we're kicked out of the Buckle for playing the "Buckle Game" where u try to run to the back of the store and back without being asked for help. Ya stupid right? Well apparently were not respecting the college kids who are working there for spring break. Anyways I finally got to Devan's house somehow and I don't even know how I didn't hear the music a mile away. I walked through the front door and saw a guy mattress surfing down the stairs, a 17year old girl grinding on a 14year old boy, and a guy swinging on the lamp. Which looked like it was about to fall off and it did I laughed my ass off! I walked past the living room and into the backyard to catch Devan snogging on her beau Cameron on the trampoline. I had to make them stop in some embarrassing way.*cough cough* "Going to use protection? Ehh DevDev?" That got her attention "We'll look who finally showed up!" She got of the tramp and ran over to me to give me a huge hug that almost killed me. I mean wouldn't u do the same thing to ur best friend if u haven't seen her since high school. "Let's go get u a drink u look like ur dying of thirst" I still wonder how the crap she can read my mind. We walked into her kitchen her holding Cameron's hand. She grabbed a red plastic cup and poured some tan liquid into it which I'm guessing was beer when Cameron grabbed Devan's hips and turned her around to have another make-out session with Devan sitting on the counter and Cameron standing. I was taking a sip of my drink when I felt a pair of eyes watching me. I turned into the living and saw a guy staring right at me. He had brown hair in a quiff, a white shirt under a red and tan varsity jacket with some kakis and some red and white Nike hightops. Not bad... He turned around and walked up stairs I set my drink down and followed him upstairs I saw him turn left at the end of the hallway so I turned left. I was walking down the hall and didn't see him anywhere. Suddenly I felt someone grab my waist and force me against the wall. "You shouldn't follow people down hallways" said the guy "We'll I guess I'm a daredevil then" I said he smiled and kissed my neck. I moaned then I just remembered that I don't know this guys name. "My name is Zayn" "Mikki" I said. Nice to meet u Mikki he said before kissing me on the lips I kissed back and things got pretty heated really fast. Zayn grabbed my hand a d lead me towards a room shutting the door with his foot and throwing me down on the bed.

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