Three Guys, One Direction

Miki is ur average 18 year old American girl. But what happens
When she goes to her bestie Devan's party?
Well the fuzz show up and her mother ships her off
To London to live with her brother Josh Devine.
What happens next? Well read!!!


3. So Close

~Authors Note~

Warning sexual referances



Immediately after Zayn threw me on the bed my clothes were on the floor in an instant and in a few seconds his varsity jacket will join my combat boots. Zayn started kissing me down my neck it was silent until he found my soft spot I moaned. I could feel his smile on my neck as he unclipped my bra. I could feel Zayn flicking his tounge on my left nipple while rubbing my right one with his thumb I moaned as he blew cold air on my breast. I tugged my hands on his shirt signaling him to take it off. As he did so I moved my hands up and down his toned 6 pack making him moan. He soon was sliding down his kakis. Then he came up and kissed my lips once more before we heard sirens coming twards the house. Zayn was still kissing my lips so I guessed that he didnt hear them. Soon there were louds bangs coming from downstairs. "So Close" groaned Zayn. "What's your number babe?" says Zayn as he gets dressed. "Give me your phone" I said. He handed me his phone. Once i put in my number he quickly texted someone on it I soon got a ring from my phone as I put my outfit on. "See you later babe ;) Z"

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