Three Guys, One Direction

Miki is ur average 18 year old American girl. But what happens
When she goes to her bestie Devan's party?
Well the fuzz show up and her mother ships her off
To London to live with her brother Josh Devine.
What happens next? Well read!!!


1. Sneaking Out

Miki's POV

"Milki!! Where the hell are you!?!" "Calm your ass she's in bed" "We'll hurry the fuck up and get here already!" I sometimes wonder wht it would be like if Devan was actually nice but then how would I survive without that bitch. I put on a pink tank top then a ripped black tank with some black skinny jeans and pink combat boots. I tuck a pillow under the covers grab my phone then jumped out the window and landed on the trampoline. 





Sorry this chapter was so short. This is my first movella and I hopes u guys liked it! :3


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