A New Friend

This story is about Max, who have had a bit of a rough past, and ran away from his home. He lives on the street, but then he finds a new friend who takes him in. What happens when he finds out she already have a boyfriend? And that that boyfriend is Harry Styles? Will he still try? Or will he find another?



“I.. I love you, Abby,” she smiled, “I love you too.” This makes me so happy. To now that she loves me too, it means so much. “Abby, we have to go home now,” Please, not now. Don’t go Abby. “Abby, come here, now,” he is getting upset now, so she is on her way over to him now. I have the perfect family. I have the perfect girlfriend. Everything is just, perfect.

We have been in the park for awhile now. Cathryn, Harry and the other boys, and their girlfriends wanted to go the park for a picnic. So we did. And while they were eating, I was with Abby. I’ll go sit with them. I already miss Abby. “Hi Max,” “I’m sorry, can I have everyone’s attention? I have to say something,” Harry interrupted everyone in their smalltalk. I think he is going to tell them what happened at the studio earlier today. He looks depressed again and Cathryn took his hand and gave him a smile. And then he told them everything that had happened between Adam and him. Everything I told you, and they all seemed to take it pretty well. They just told Harry to try and behave, but that was it. Thank God. Oh, he told them something else. Adam said that they are going on tour soon.


Well that was my story to you. Bye.

Oh wait, did I mention that I’m a dog? I don’t think I did. I am so sorry about that. But I am. Everything make more sense now, right?

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