A New Friend

This story is about Max, who have had a bit of a rough past, and ran away from his home. He lives on the street, but then he finds a new friend who takes him in. What happens when he finds out she already have a boyfriend? And that that boyfriend is Harry Styles? Will he still try? Or will he find another?



I just woke up. I’ve slept so good in my new bed, in the living room. My bed is under the stairs, so it’s close to the backdoor, if I need to go out. “Max. Come here.” Oh excuse me Cathryn is calling for me, I just love hearing her voice. “Coming.” We are apparently going out. Well, I need some fresh air anyway. Wait is he coming with us. I don’t want that, I thought it was just Cathryn and I. “Go back in, Harry.” He won’t listen to me. Wait, that is a great smell, where is that coming from. Oh, there is a man. “Who are you?” He’s out walking his dog, it looks cute. Oh, I thought I heard something. Where was it coming from. There is another man, and he have something really annoying in his hands, it keeps coming with this a flash of light. “That is really annoying, please stop.” He won’t listen to me. Why won’t anybody listen to me? He doesn’t even react. “You are being very rude.” “Max stop it.” She sounds really annoyed. Well, I am too, but fine, if that’s what you want. But only because you said it. If Harry told me, I would not have listened. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t like him. “Here we are, Max.” Where? I thought we were just taking a walk. What are we doing here? Is this the doctors? Oh no. “I don’t want to!” “Max, what’s wrong?” “Shut up, Harry!” I don’t want to hear listen to him now. I think he got me, because he is backing away. Haha. “Max, you have  to get checked up, or else we can’t have you.” Fine. But I really don’t want to. We’re heading inside now. Harry walking a bit behind us. That is best for him too. I want Cathryn to myself. I won’t share her with anybody else.




Well, we’re heading home now. The doctor was actually very nice. She checked my reflexes and everything. But I am healthy. Yay. Cathryn and Harry are talking about me. Harry is mad because I yelled at him before. He doesn’t think I should live with them, but I was just mad, because I didn’t wanted to go the doctors. I mean, it’s not because I like him or anything, but I wasn’t planning on letting him know about it. It just came out of me, it wasn’t supposed to happen and I really regret it. I think I’ll apologise when we get home.

It is such a beautiful day, the birds are singing, the wind blowing in the trees, the sun is shining and you can hear kids playing. Could it be a more beautiful day to take a walk in the park? I don’t think so. Oh, something smells good. What is that smell? It smells so nice. Oh, a lady. She is exciting. “What’s up?” I tried to make a move, and I think this one got it. “Just out for a walk,” she winked. Ah, she likes me too. “So what’s your name?” “It’s Abby,” Abby. That is a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl like her. “You look good, Abby,” and she really does. I like her hair, her eyes. and her smell I know I just met her, but I like everything about her. “Max, come here,” not now Cathryn. I’m talking to Abby now. “Max, come here now,” I can hear she is getting upset, I better go over to her now. “Bye Abby,” I’m coming now Cathryn. Harry can have Cathryn now. Well, at least more of her, not everything. But I still want Abby, she is exactly my type, and I really really like her, but I don’t think I’ll meet her again. I mean, I just met her coincidentally in the park, I don’t think that’ll happen again soon. But I hope.

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