forever and always

I (kayla) have to run away. My mom died when i was 12 and my father is a drunk mess but what nobody knows is my mom was Zayn malik's mom, Tricia, is my aunt. Will Zayn be able to help me? Will I finally be safe?


2. chapter two

“im home and I brought beer!” my breathing was heavy and I was tired from running

“where the hell have you been ive been waiting for that beer for 20 minutes!” he slapped me across the face and pulled my hair the door bell rang and my father yanked the beer from my hand and told me to run upstairs so I ran up and waited for molly.

“sweetie what happened?!” Molly was already checking my wound she had red wavy hair blue eyes and a model ready body she was trying to get modeling gigs or whenever we went to college together but the teacher was ready to give us our degrees in English because we told her what was happening her parents died when she was 7 and has been living with foster parents ever since. We had a plan the government said she was to be relocated and I didn’t want that so last week I figured out that my aunt was tricia malik  and I talked to her so she had the government let her legally take molly and her son Zayn was going to take us from our hells of life

Molly has been fan-girling that THE ZAYN MALIK was taking us but I didn’t know what the big deal was all I knew was he was in some band that she loved so anyway he was coming tomorrow night after we got our degrees and taking us to aunties house.

“hey are you sure your brother said it was okay?”

“of course he said yes! M why do you get so weird around my brother?”

“you know he’s kinda you know cute and don’t laugh!”

“okay whatever you say I need to smoke move”

“ you know I wish you would quit kay I mean really!”

 “I’ll work on it promise. Lets just talk about tomorrow”

So we talked about tomorrow until she had to go and I fell asleep sure I would be safe by tomorrow night.

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