forever and always

I (kayla) have to run away. My mom died when i was 12 and my father is a drunk mess but what nobody knows is my mom was Zayn malik's mom, Tricia, is my aunt. Will Zayn be able to help me? Will I finally be safe?


1. chapter one

Kayla’s POV

“Kayla get your ass down here!” breath in. breath out. stop trembling. You’ll be fine.

“yes sir?” crap im scared did I do something wrong

“where the fuck is my beer!? I have friends coming over for poker in half an hour and I have no beer! What the fuck kind of system is this!!!” he was scaring me now how could I forget frickin’ beer!

“s-s-sorry sir I forgot I’ll go get some n-n-now” And with that I ran out the door to the store I called my best friend to see if she was still ok with coming over while my dad had beer night k= Kayla M= Molly


K= hey girl wazzap!

M= dude wheres the partay hahaha!

K= I forgot beer on beer night acca believe it!

M= dude did he… u know hit you?

K= I left before I could figure out so are u commin’  tonight?

M= you better believe it I have to chose what to wear to the ball Cinderella go polish my shoes

K= yes ma'am ill have them polished at once bye my lady



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