The opening for a story about a young girl and her struggle through school.


1. The beginning


Why does everything happen to me, everything always my fault? Nothing ever goes my way, no matter how much I try, my life is slowing breaking into a million little pieces; like a vase hitting a wall in slow speed. It seems like the world is caving in on me. I am small, worthless and ugly. No one has or wants to talk to me anymore. I haven’t even been hugged for years, I have no friends. I get pushed into the corner just like a piece of dirty gets brushed under a bed. I just get in everyone’s way; I’m nothing to no one. I will never to something to someone, I am worthless freak of nature.

School, the place I know as hell. When I walk through the hallways everyone pushes me past, like a mosh pit being open in a death metal gig. No one notices me, if they do they just howl in my face ‘emo, go slit your wrist no one likes you, you freak’. It’s not my fault I’m not like them. I don’t have the long bleach blonde hair with bright blue eyes; with them long smooth hairless legs. I don’t have the money for those high priced clothes everyone prays for. I don’t have that clear, spotless face to match the decent size boobs. I don’t like the normal music, I like the ‘devil’s music’ because I’m the devil’s daughter. Why do people think it’s funny to bring another person down? Make them feel worthless with no hope within the world; make them want to harm themselves to the point where no harm can be done because it’s all over for them. Why? Just why?

My timetable, there’s no point in me even going to my classes. I’ve missed so much of school because I couldn't face the comments, the looks or the bad grades hitting me in the face. I’m such a frailer.  

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