give me a chance

this is more a blog about my life rather than a story im sorry if you dont like it but this is a way for me to tell people about me and everything that has happend to me .


1. the first six years

my name is brittany im 14 and this is were im going to vent about all of my experiences and problems without having to talk to people face to face.



i never really had a proper family  growing up my dad left for the first time when i was about 4 but came back a few weeks later after my mum took him back . i never really understood why  he wasnt the most loving man on the planet my mum was the most amazing person i have ever met she was  loving and loyal to my father and all he did was scream and yell at then go and cheat on her.

it was like this for a year or so but then my mum fell pregnant with my youger sister ammie an he decided that he didnt want another kid and that it was all my mothers fault   so he left .


 he came back again when my mum was about six months pregnant and everything was back to normal. a week after my sister was born my mum found a lump on the side of her breast . she went and got checked . she had stage 2 breast cancer  when my dad found out  he left leaving my mum  with an infant and her other 3 children  having  just found out she had cancer. after months and months of kemo therapy she had beaten the cancer and was told that it would never come back and things were getting better slowly. 



 o.k thats the first bit theres still a lot to tell you  so ill update soon . please no hate

Thank you-brittany




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