Regina & Julian

A short story about love.


1. The Neverending Seperation

Regina and Julian were both stressed out and needed vacation. But they didn’t want to travel together, even though they were a married couple. They went on each of their vacations parted.

It was a Saturday morning at five. Regina had been sleeping in the snow, and the early sunrise at Antarctica had awakened her. She had a nice feeling in her stomach, unknowing that this particular day would change her entire life.

She had the bullet in her hand, and felt somehow related to it, not knowing why.
She held the bullet tight, and continued walking towards the end of the world.
As she marched through the cold atmosphere of Antarctica, she felt, that she was making huge progress. She’d left Julian without saying a word. The reason she chose a place like Antarctica was that she wanted to feel alive.
Her feelings for Julian had been gone for months, but as she was walking in the snow, she somehow realized that she loved Julian more than anything. It was probably because she missed him and she wished he could have been by her side.

Julian climbed an iceberg with the expensive gear of his. He thought of his granddad, who had told him to chase the meaning of life.
Before his granddad died, Julian had received the equipment needed, when going to Antarctica.
Julian did not miss Regina at all.

Regina had been wandering in the snowy terrain for hours, when suddenly she saw a polar bear far away. She had never seen such a huge animal before. Suddenly it started running towards her. The polar bear looked somehow friendly. Her hands were very cold as she took out the sniper rifle from her bag, put in the bullet and took aim.
She shot the polar bear in the chest. It fell to the ground. What she didn’t know was that she’d just shot her husband Julian to death.

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