The Personal Trainer

Evelyn Rose a simple name with a not so simple story. This is what happens when you get hired to be a proffesional trainerr for a certain celebrity when you are also a kick boxer/. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


3. Meet the newbie

Zayn's POV:

I was waiting at a gym in the center of london waiting for my trainer Eve. I only had a photo of her and man was she fit ! Suddenly the doors burst open and in walked Eve. "Hi im Zayn Malik" "Eve Rose" "cool name" "Thanks now lets start!" We headed over to a private work out room and dropped our bags "ok we will warm up first 15 push ups then 20 situps then 40 seconds planking" she said my mouth just dropped and before I could close it she was already on 3 push ups I quickly started aswell. *2 hours later* we were finally finished! I had learnt so many things about her like she is 19 from liverpool and her favouirte colour and more stuff like that. "hey eve do u wanna come hang out with me and the lads today?' I aks "sure just gimmer 30 minutes and ill be ready she says before going into the womens locker room. I am really starting to like this girl.

Eve's POV:

Zayn had invited me to hang out with him and the 'lads' I raced off to the locker room and jumped int he shower. I stood there thinking. I really liked Zayn Malik. I got out the shower and got changed into ( Then headed out and saw him standing by a car he opened the door for me and i jumped in he raced to his side and we head off.

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