The Personal Trainer

Evelyn Rose a simple name with a not so simple story. This is what happens when you get hired to be a proffesional trainerr for a certain celebrity when you are also a kick boxer/. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


2. It all starts now

Eve's POV:

I was at my kick boxing club where I train. I was in the ring with Coby one of the best fighters here. He took a swing at me and I dodged I jumped behind him and kicked his head side on. Luckily he had on a head brace or he would be knocked out. He fell to the floor and 3 seconds later I had won my training match. "EVE" my manager Bill called "yea?" "you have a new assignment you are relocating to London and being a personal trainer for Zayn Malik of One Direction" "ok when do i leave??' "go home and pack for 6 months and your plane leaves at 9 tomorrow morning" "ok" i yelled while grabbing my things (boxing gloves, head brace, mouth guard and other stuff) and raced out the door to my black toyota 86 which has a red strip going down it both sides. I jumped in a drove to my house. I didnt have to worry about saying good bye to family because they all lived in Australlia. I live in Livepool my family was origanlly from here but my dad got offered a job in australlie and I was old enough to stay here. I packed all my things at ate dinner and look at the clock "11:00pm HOLY SHIT!" i yelled while racing into my room and jumping into bed and falling asleep quickly..

The next morning I woke up at 5:00 am. I hoped out of bed and grabbed some clothes ( and went into my bathroom. I took my pj's off and jumped in the shower. After about 20 minutes in the shower I got out and got canged. I grabbed a small red suitcase with a broken black hear on the front and stuffed all my left over toiletries in in and walked down stair. I grabbed an apple and looked at the time 6:00am. I took out all four bags of my stuff and placed them in the backseats/trunk of my car and drove to the airport. 1 hour later I arrived at the airport. I checked in gave them my luggage and headed towards my gate. On the way I stopped at starbucks and got a caramel mocca and boarded my plane

*skip plane ride*

When the plane landed I got my luggage and headed out of the airport. Outside was a taxi driver with a sign with my name on it I walked out and got in. after about a 30 minute drive we pulled up to a apartment right oppisote a gym. I paid the dirver and got my luggage then walked to my house. I unpacked my things and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to a text from my manager

'Meet your new client at the gym across the street at noon wear workout clothes' I locked my white iphone 5 and headed to the shower. After my showe i got changed into ( and headed towards the gym..

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