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9. Orphan ~And Quick Author Note~

This story is called Orphan, and it is written by a lovely girl named Potterhead Directioner. This story is about a girl named Raven, who has only her sister, Dove, to live with, as their parents have died. Raven's mom was killed by a drunk driver, and her father sadly committed suicide. If you are looking for an emotional story, this is your one. It may only have a few chapters, but it is well written, and something similar to what you would feel if you had to go through this yourself.

I give this story a 7/10, as there aren't many chapters, and the chapters are a little short, even though they do contain quite a bit of information. It is still well written and I am sorry if I have offended you in anyway.


Author's Note.

This is chapter nine in our brilliant Top Ten Books, but I think we may just continue this anyway, and see where it leads. If we decide to stop the story at Ten, I, TazmaniaGirl, promise I will write a sequel to this, but make it Top One Hundred Books ;)


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