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2. Memoirs Of A Fallen Star.



I've got to say, this book is a good one. It hasn't been completed yet, but so far, it's perfectly original. The story is about a girl named Nicky, who is a famous singer, and unfortunately dies. But, she's left a diary, and a diary can be worth anything when your famous...


This book has so many different words! I don't understand a few of them myself, and this is what makes the book so exquisite! Please, read it, it's absolutely amazing. I'd love to give this book a 9/10 because it hasn't been completed.


It It is So much better then half of the One Direction fan fictions we get on here. See, this is why we made this Movella. To get you guys to get out there, read different books, be inspired! Writing a two minute One Direction might make you famous, but it's not a book EVERYBODY wants to read, trust me.


Thank You for reading once again, and don't forget to check up next week when we have yet ANOTHER get Movella...




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