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5. Into The Deep

Into The Deep is a book written by yourtruly.

So far, she has only written one chapter but it is very detailed (unique use of words) , and I'm excited to find out what'll happen next! I'm not too sure what the story is about (I think it's mermaids) but so far, there is a girl (un-named) and her sister, Daisy, on a boat trip out to sea. The un-named character's friend, Max, is the sailor, but it isn't his boat. They have to leave because a storm has hit. The un-named character does not like the sea, and her sister is sent flying when the boat is smashed by a wave...


I'd rate this first chapter/ book a 7/10 because there isn't a lot of information about the character were supposed to reading from/ her P.O.V. We don't even know her name, so it makes it extra tricky to write a review about!


Thank you for reading, and I promise to write a review on the girl in the comments section below. I'm sorry I didn't write about it this week ;)


TazmaniaGirl ~

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