Shining Light

Poem about finding that special someone who lights up your life


1. I dreamed a dream...


I was in darkness and could not see my way, 

I feared I would never find the light,

then you appeared to chase away the shadows 


Now I see that happiness is not merely a hope

I want only to look into your eyes, to behold your smile,

to hold you close


I share with you my greatest hopes and worst fears,

my deepest trust and darkest secrets


I love your strength, I love your courage,  

I ache when you are not beside me 

and desire only to have you in my arms


I will not let the past dictate the future,

we will make our own destiny 


I see that past sufferings were not in vain, 

they let me care for you,

deeper than I thought possible


You are the light that shines in my life,

I give you my heart and soul, 

I have found my dream

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