louis' sister is dating who ?

louis' little sister kassidy never had that much experience with guys but some how when she got one of her brothers band mates attention things seem to get out of hand with her and her best friend her relationship with her brother and the rest of her life so will she put it all on risk for one guy ?


1. Kassidys dating who now?

"Louis Tomlinson get your bum down here right now!!"i yelled at him."Kassidy get your bum here!"louis yelled back."NOPE!!' isaid while popping the 'p'."know what?" he yelled "what?'' i asked. "your boyfriends coming" luois always teased me about niall because we were best friends and always acted as if we were a couple."LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON niall jamess horan is not my boyfriend!!"i yelled slighty annoyed."Kassidy Tomlinson I think that you Kassidy Jordan Tomlinson is dating Niall James Horan."luois yelled back.As you can probably tell im Louis' little sister im 18 years old and living at his house.we dont look alot alike but i do kinda look like his girlfriend Eleanor Calder.Light brown curly hair and hazel eyes practiclly like niall and always funny.


But right when louis yelled Nialls full name "hey Hot one!" Niall said smiling. He called me hot one because me the lads and my BFF Ashley came up with nicknames im the hot one obvioulsy nialls hot and irish one ash the boss one louis the sassy one liam the smart one zayn the vain one and harry the flirty one."Louis your boyfriends here.' i yelled."Harbears here?"lou yelled."No  Niallers here."  i yelled at him as he made his way downstairs to greet his friend.


"Kass dont you mean your boyfriend?"lou smirked at me and niall."God Lou you never know when to shut up dont you?"i asked curiously."nope and besides we all know your dating niall.' louis said."Know what louis im your younger sister and i can do bad things to you so whatch out."i warned him.

Eleanor came over to hang out while me and Niall wwent to the park and sat at the swings.Louis texted me.

Lou~The sassy one~:Kass dont come home a burgler came and dosent know were me n el are k ask niall if he'll let you stay at his place k?

Kass~The Hot one~:kk and ill ask

"Niall louis wondering if i can stay over at your house till tomarrow." i told him.

"sure.anything for afriend." niall said while smiling.


~At Niallers House~



We were just having a movie night when Niall came in with a bowl of popcorn and a note."here kass.he said while handing me the note."will you be my girlfriend?" it red i nodded my head.Stupid louis is in for a surprise.




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