I Love You(Niall and Harry FanFic)

Hello I'm Demi Lovato. I'm famous and I have famous problems. This is one story where I met a boy , that was wonderful and treated me like a princess. But the one thing I love about him is his personality. He's so sweet and caring. He's the only one I trust. He's like my guardian angel. Then one day I lost my memory and he helped me remember with my old best friend Harry.
(this is my first movella please tell me what you think thanks.)


2. You're here

-Demi's Pov- I woke up to bright lights around me. "Oh you're finally awake!" An Irish voice rang. I looked around and noticed I'm in a hospital."W-what happened?" I asked."Demi, one of my fans Er..they pushed you off the dock and you have been asleep for a week, and you were bruised badly." The boy said."Who are you then?" I asked. Then he looked guilty."I-I'm Niall. I saved you from drowning." He said. Then I looked at myself. I looked older."Uhm...last time I remembered I was 16." I said.-Niall's Pov- Why did that stupid fan do that!? Now Demi thinks she's 16."Hello?" She said snapping me out of my thoughts. "I need to get a doctor." I said. "Hello son. What's the matter?" He asked."A girl named Demi  Lovato  she Umm might've lost her memory and thinks she's 16" I said."Oh yes, Demetria  Lovato.." He said."She has brain tumor and lost her memory. She doesn't remember anything that happened earlier." He said. No shit -.-. "How will I bring back her memory!?" I questioned him."Well, she has to have a friend that she has known for years. Or a family member. But she says they abandoned her. So you have to ask her." He said.  I went in to go and check on her and ask her."So Demi, do you have any long time friends?" I asked,"Yes I have one,Harold? Harry Styles." She said. She knows Harry?! "How do you know him?" I asked,"Well, I moved to Holmes Chapel when I was 3 so that's how I know him. Then I was always 1 year older than him. So when he turned the same age as me he auditioned for the X-Factor. And that's when I last saw him." She said. Well now I have to take her with me.

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