I Love You(Niall and Harry FanFic)

Hello I'm Demi Lovato. I'm famous and I have famous problems. This is one story where I met a boy , that was wonderful and treated me like a princess. But the one thing I love about him is his personality. He's so sweet and caring. He's the only one I trust. He's like my guardian angel. Then one day I lost my memory and he helped me remember with my old best friend Harry.
(this is my first movella please tell me what you think thanks.)


1. The Irish Boy

-Demi's Pov- I  was walking down the pier at HuntingtonBeach . I bumped into a boy that had blonde hair And diamond blue eyes. Very beautiful eyes in fact,"Sorry " I said as I walked  away. I had a feeling I'd bump into him again.-2 days later- I walked back to Huntington Beach Pier again. The only reason I was there for is because I have cutting problems. The haters. I don't know why those kids always hate on celebrity's so much. They might be jealous or.. It might be because they feel bad about themselves. As do I. It's not the haters fault I'm cutting. It's my fault for being born. I sat at the edge of the boardwalk where the ocean is and I took out my camera from my bag. I took pictures of the beautiful sunset. Then I felt another body next to me."Hello there love. Nice to see you again." He said. I turned to look at the boy I saw 2 days ago,"Hah yeah. But I didn't quite catch your name." I said."My name is Niall Horan, and I'm guessing your Demi Lovato.," he said."Yeah." I said."So why are you out here?" I asked. Not to be rude."Well I thought I needed to get away from all of the screaming girls following me all day." He said. Oh yeah, he's in a band called.'One Direction'. He seemed so familiar."How about you?" He asked."Im always here to get away from those haters. They threaten me to die. I've actually cut myself and some people usually come out in front of me and hit me." I said about to cry, I don't seriously know what's there problem!?"Hey don't-" he was cut off by a girl screaming,"OH MY GOD IT'S NIALL HORAN!! AND THAT DEMI FAG IS TRYING TO TAKE MY HUSBAND AWAY!" Then Niall got pushed out of the way and the girl that screamed yelled,"BITCH NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!" Then she pushed me off the dock and I fell into the water. I can't swim. The last things remember is,"DEMI!" And  I felt a body carry me off.

a/n hi this is my first movella! Please tell me what you think. I'd love to know. Thank you.-Abigail Mia Dawson-(Aka Jetzi)

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