I swear upon the moon (COMPLETED)

Ritsuka...is growing restless..because Soubi left.. Ritsuka thinks it's all his fault... will Soubi return in enough time to save ritsuka from himself and his mother. find out in i swear upon the moon


6. struggling to live

Soubi was sitting on Ritsuka's balcony waiting for him to get home. Soubi sighed as he heard Ritsuka's mother yelling at him like the crazy bitch that she is. Ritsuka ran into his room, and layed on his bed and curled up sadly. Ritsuka's face had scratches cuts bruises and a scar from the abuse his mother inflicted on him everyday, Ritsuka closed his eyes and began to cry. Soubi opened the balcony door and sat next to Ritsuka. Soubi began to stroak Ritsuka's hair and sing a Japanese lullaby about butterflies. Ritsuka looked at soubi slightly, but started to fall asleep from Soubi's singing. Soubi then sighed and left Ritsuka asleep on the bed. "Your going to be Ritsuka's sacarfice... and you will love him" Seimei's words plaed over and over in Soubi's head, making his heart hurt again. Soubi popped a pain killer and took a deep breath. Soubi sighed sadly, and kicked a rock. " God... I'm supposed to love him..." Soubi sighed again and felt more pain through his chest. The pain was unbearable for soubi, he started to whimper in pain. Ritsuka is all he needs but he's not allowed to have him
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