I swear upon the moon (COMPLETED)

Ritsuka...is growing restless..because Soubi left.. Ritsuka thinks it's all his fault... will Soubi return in enough time to save ritsuka from himself and his mother. find out in i swear upon the moon


5. Sorrow

Soubi was falling apart by now, and couldn't take not seeing Ritsuka. Whenever walked past Ritsuka's school he began to cry. He felt ashamed that he would cry,...but it was slowly killing him. When Soubi would go to smoke he would stop and think what Ritsuka would say. "Soubi.. Smoking is going to kill you some day I don't want you to die you need to live your life happy and free!" those words echoed in Soubi's head. Soubi looked down as he waited for his painting of butterflies to dry. Soubi looked at the painting with disgust and frowned angerly "I hate them,..... Butterflies are disgusting and too easy to catch." Soubi frowned and put his hair up in a pony tail...He heard his phone ring and looked at it, Soubi didn't answer because it wasn't Ritsuka . It was damn Seimei. Soubi was now begining to hate Seimei it was his fault Soubi couldn't see Ritsuka. "That's right... it's all Seimei's fault...that sick..some of a... I hope he dies!" Soubi punched the wall, his knuckled cracked and his wrist broke. Soubi didn't care if he broke his wrist he wanted his Ritsuka back, he wanted Ritsuka back now. That's exactly what he was going to do!
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