I swear upon the moon (COMPLETED)

Ritsuka...is growing restless..because Soubi left.. Ritsuka thinks it's all his fault... will Soubi return in enough time to save ritsuka from himself and his mother. find out in i swear upon the moon


7. Ritsuka loosing himself

Ritsuka was laying in his bed feeling as if he was a terrible child, his mother had stabbed him in his ribs twice. He was bleeding all over himself, and he felt like his body was being stretched like taffy. Soubi was on the balcony, and slowly walked in.

"Ritsuka, your bleeding what happened? Soubi gasped as he spoke. Ritsuka slowly sat up and struggling to breath. " My..m....m...mother...stabbed me in my ribs...t..tw..twice" Blood began to drip from Ritsuka's mouth. Soubi grabbed him and held him close as he jumped out the window and started running to the hospital. Soubi felt himself begin to cry, and he could feel Ritsuka's pain. "I'm...so sorry Ritsuka if I was there I wouldn't have let her do anything to you, I love you with all my heart...I need you Ritsuka..I truly do..." Soubi whispered to Ritsuka as he began to cry tears of true madness. Ritsuka's head bobbed back and forth as Soubi ran. "I...need you...too...Soubi.." Ritsuka coughed slightly letting more blood drip from his mouth, Ritsuka looked up feeling Soubi's warm tears fall on his face. Ritsuka began to understand how Soubi felt, he felt so bad and miserable . Ritsuka began to cry too as he clung to Soubi with all his strength.

"S...S...Soubi I love you too!" Ritsuka yelped into Soubi's chest. Soubi nodded "I know you do Rituska... And I love you too..So please for me try and hold on...god...please try Ritsuka.. just try!"  Soubi screamed slightly as he ran. Ritsuka felt himself beginning to die, he felt his heart slow down and all the blood begin to drain from his body. "No....I must survive for Soubi" Ritsuka thought to himself as the strength in his arms began to disappear. "No...Please...for...Soubi.." Ritsuka struggled to get out as more blood dripped from his mouth. As Soubi ran into the hospital he looked as if he was the one who had stabbed Ritsuka, and as soon as Ritsuka taken was arrested for stabbing a minor.

When Rituska woke up in the hospital bed, he felt cold, he looked around for soubi. "Soubi...w..where...are...you?" Ritsuka made a lost look. "Don't worry the man that stabbed you is gone sweetie" a nurse patted Ritsuka's head and smiled. Ritsuka smacked the woman's hand and teared up "He was the one who was saving me! My mother was the one who stabbed me she...abuses me all the time, and the man that you took away took care of me when she would abuse me, and kick me out of the house! Now you better go get him back or I swear!" Ritsuka was yelling at the innocent woman. The nurse just nodded sacredly, and ran off to get Soubi for Ritsuka.

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