I swear upon the moon (COMPLETED)

Ritsuka...is growing restless..because Soubi left.. Ritsuka thinks it's all his fault... will Soubi return in enough time to save ritsuka from himself and his mother. find out in i swear upon the moon


10. Ritsuka home

Gh The day Ritsuka got home was a day that he wished wouldn't come, he knew he would be sent to a boarding school or foster care. Soubi knew that too....and he honestly couldn't do a thing; he tried everything even trying to adopt Ritsuka, but because Soubi was a man on his own the adoption center wouldn't give Ritsuka to him. The same day Ritsuka got a call about a family who was willing to.adopt him...oddly though the address.to the home was Soubi's. When Ritsuka got there he saw Soubi dressed as a woman with Kio next to. ''Soubi!'' Ritsuka ran to soubi and hugged him tightly...he then felt the.sweet warm embrace of Soubi.hugging him back. ''Ritsuka I some how played it off I was a woman...so I could adopt you and we could be together all the time...I honestly don't have a spare bed do you mind shating on?'' Soubi looked down at the tiny ritsuka before him. ''I don't mind at all as long as i'm with with'' Ritsuka smiled a bit. Soubi nodded in response to Ritsuka and went inside to change. Ritsuka followed like the obedient child that he was, and sat on Soubi's huge bed. Ritsuka frowned a bit knowing that most of the time Soubi was sleeping in a huge bed all alone, in a way Ritsuka felt his pain though.....having a big bed...sleeping all alone....feeling depressed...this slowly sunk in as Ritsuka was startled by Soubi starting bath water. ''Hey... Ritsuka you should take a bath with me before bed..'' Ritsuka blushed and felt all fuzzy on the inside but nodded. By the time Ritsuka got to the bathroom Soubi was in the tub, Ritsuka took off his clothes and sat across from Soubi in the refreshingly warm water. Ritsuka closed his eyes feeling relaxed and peaceful. Soubi started washing his hair while watching Ritsuka be calm and relax, it made Soubi happy knowing Ritsuka would be safe now....but the lingering thought of seimei taking Ritsuka back was killing his inner thoughts even while rinsing his long beautiful hair. When Soubi had looked up from thinking he saw Ritsuka right in his face causing Soubi to slightly nudge back a bit, smiling Soubi kissed Ritsuka's forehead and laughed a bit. After the shower they got into there pajamas and laid in bed. Soubi was holding Ritsuka close smelling his hair and feeling every sensation of joy in his heart. Noticing that Ritsuka had fallen asleep he held him closer and began to fall asleep peacefully.
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