I swear upon the moon (COMPLETED)

Ritsuka...is growing restless..because Soubi left.. Ritsuka thinks it's all his fault... will Soubi return in enough time to save ritsuka from himself and his mother. find out in i swear upon the moon


8. returning soubi

Soubi was released and went to visit Ritsuka in the hospital. When he arrived Ritsuka was eating fried tofu bread that was from seven eleven. 'That's not good for u Ritsuka' soubi said in a just kiddong tone. Ritsuka looked at Soubi, and smiled happily. 'Soubi....I...I' Ritsuka was cut off by the touch of Soubi's moist lips againest his. Ritsuka blushed and let the kiss happen like it was nothing. Soubi looked at Ritsuka with caring passionate eyes. Ritsuka looked back at Soubi with innocent loving childish eyes. Both felt the love for eachother in the atomsphere of the room. Soubi smiled and patted Ritsuka's head. 'One day I'll be the one removing those fluffy ears of yours' Soubi smiled slightly, and Ritsuka blushed more. 'Soubi....I love you' Ritsuka got up and stumbled into hugging Soubi. 'I love you too Ritsuka' Soubi then helped Ritsuka back into bed and layed with him. Soubi held Ritsuka in his arms like Ritsuka was a fragile glass doll that broke easily. Ritsuka closed his eyes as he snuggled up to Soubi; Ritsuka felt a warm comforting feeling from Soubi holding him. They fell asleep holding onto eachother, knowing there was an undying love they had for eachother.
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