Look Into My Life

This is my book of poetry. Most of these will be mine, some might be a friends or a famous poem that I absolutely love, but I will be able to relate to them all in some way. I don't claim to be a good poetry writer, hell I'm not even sure if you would call this poetry, but whatever. Writing is my escape. It's putting the things I can't explain to anyone else into words. I have been struggling over the past couple of years with life and I've found that writing out my feeling has helped so that is what this book will do.

If you comment and leave me a sentence to begin a poem with I would appreciate it. I think that way of writing and creating poems is fun and always interesting. It's something my English teacher does every so often and I really enjoy the assignment.

Some poems I will leave unfinished and often return back to them when I get more ideas.
That's all!
Comment and tell me what you think. If you'd like to submit your own, just message me! xx.


5. Special Day

Lock the door,

throw away the key

it's my special day.

Happy birthday to me.


Mom's in the corner

carrying on with her usual routine,

drinking the day away as always.

Happy birthday to me.


Dads locked away

hiding so he can feel free,

ran away with his girlfriend.

Happy birthday to me.


I look in the mirror,

so this it what it's like to be sixteen.

wondering what I did wrong,

Happy birthday to me.


I take the bottle in my hand.

This is my last plea,

as I run my fingers over the label.

Happy birthday to me.



Sinking to the ground,

Don't you agree,

what a perfect way to spend my special day?

Happy birthday to me...

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