Eyes the Color of the Sea with Depths Unknown

- Running, I was running. No good hero runs from what they are trained to fight but this was one thing in which its the smarter option. Seeing the dark black colors of hell surrounding me. Placing one foot infront of the other I pushed my sore muscles to run. But they wern't hitting ground anymore. Screaming I realized I was falling. Oh Gods I hope they forgive me. Then I realized one of two things, this was a simulation and someone was controlling it.
"FURY!!!" I bellowed into the inky blackness of the training room


1. -If you want a hero go find a goody two shoes-


I brushed my white hair out of my deep purple eyes as I scanned horizion under me. Moving my hands in almost a yoga style

the wind picked up and carried me higher into the clouds. I used my powers to conjure a mist. Anxiety built inside me and I realized I was being followed I plummeted to the ground. Everything changed like it was a sudden warp to a scene. I was in a humid forest, the early morning light illuminated the forest, the distant sound of birds did little to comfort me. A light green mist covered the forest floor

a set of deep deep green eyes seemed to shine back at me a small voice in my head whispered * I know you Jade, I've seen your past I know your secrets, you are my soul mate. I will prove it and my just love.*


I woke with a start, drenched in sweat I threw back the covers and streched, I grabbed my black skinny jeans, black leather boots, black tanktop and padded into the bathroom. Turning the water on nuclear hot I knew today was going to be a LONNNGGG day. My small S.H.I.E.L.D provided cell didn't help me relax. I let my tight muscles relax in the hot water and began to move the water with my mind to wake up my powers. I may be a agent but I also have elemental powers (Earth, Air, Water,Fire) and a voice like a sirens. If I sing men get put under my spell and become so absorbed they are killed. Its scary to know the latter so I only practice fighting, my powers are a back up. I turned off the water, dried myself off and wrapped my self in a towel before I turned on the hairdryer. I brushed out my white hair with it's black streaks. I quickly dressed and smudged some black eyeliner and shadow before brushing my teeth. My black tank top showed off my tall but curvy body and my tattoos. I had an ankh on my wrist and a rams head outline on my shoulder. I grabbed my throwing knives and strapped up my gun holsters before walking out the door. Directly to a late meeting with my boss Fury. I am going to be killed for it but oh well death couldn't be much worse than this. I walked into the meeting room. a small black and white room with one huge oak table in the middle and a VERY ANGRY  Fury at the head.

"JADE FOX!" Shit....

"Yeah boss?" I saw Fury looking like he was going to blow a gasket.


"Awe Boss, we both know you don't have one.."

"If I didn't need you or your cousin Stark, I would still have hair."

"We all wish big F, whats my mission this time? Protect a puppy?" I said popping open a water on the table and propped my feet up. He looked almost amused and shook his head,

"No, It's much more importent. You are being drafted to the Avengers." The shock on my face must have been evident.

"The Avengers as in Captain America.....?" and he just nodded. "We need to help them essemble you will be one too."

At that point I think I spit out my water or passed out both are possible...........

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