Eyes the Color of the Sea with Depths Unknown

- Running, I was running. No good hero runs from what they are trained to fight but this was one thing in which its the smarter option. Seeing the dark black colors of hell surrounding me. Placing one foot infront of the other I pushed my sore muscles to run. But they wern't hitting ground anymore. Screaming I realized I was falling. Oh Gods I hope they forgive me. Then I realized one of two things, this was a simulation and someone was controlling it.
"FURY!!!" I bellowed into the inky blackness of the training room


2. Earths mightiest heroes and well me...


I can't believe in stuck in freaking India. India! Of all the places a giant green rage monster could hide he picked here. No, don't send Captain America or someone who won't freaking be killed if they get flicked by the Hulk. But no send little 21 year old me. Yes this will go over so well I thought with a sneer on my face. I maybe a top agent and a elemental but I can still be scared. Not that I'd ever tell anyone that. After I found out I was an elemental my parents and sister all left and where killed in a car accident, SHIELD has been my home at 7 I started my training. Even when I was little I knew I was different and I knew my life would never be normal. This will just be another thing to add to my list of things Ive done. Capture the Hulk-Check. Well almost. I weaved my 5'6 frame through the crowded dirty streets of a highly populated city that should be must better. I walked staight into the small tent that SHEILD told me the Hulks tracker was in. I threw back the thin canvas door. An 30ish year old man with tanned wrinkled skin, salt and pepper hair, and green eyes looked at me angry and confused. Bingo.

"Dr. Banner?" He shook his head yes and stared at me like I was a science experiment. I hated it. I reminded me of the looks I got from kids in school.

"W-Who are you? Are you here to bring me back?" He asked suddenly more agitated

"Well we, need you. SHIELD and the world. Dr. Banner you are being asked to join the Avengers and help protect the human race."

He looked angry and slightly accepting, of what I dont know. He suddenly shook his head

"Dr.Banner, by joining them you can help more people than you can here?"

He suddenly began to change. Damn it. I guess this is why I wasn't a therapist. That and I hate people but this should be fun. I looked up and hit the floor as a huge green fist pounded into the ground behind me as I rolled away. I kick-flipped my way back up and began to try to statigize a way to inject my huge needle full of sleep medicane. A large fist grabbed me by my waist and flung me through the air like a human sized baseball. SLAM. Right into a wall great I thought that is gunna hurt in the morning, actually it hurt now. I dove to my right to avoid the Hulk's arm as he tried to pick me up ran into the wall and began to climb. Now is one of the times I was thankful I grew up with a huge oak outside my window. I presed the hidden compartment in my tight fitting black leather jumpsuit. A large needle slid down my sleeve to my hand I threw the needle with all the skill Hawkeye and Natasha taught me. The Hulk moaned and tried to pull out the small blade, his large green fingers failing miserably. He clamored to the dirty earth ground asleep I covered the Hulk in a blanket and placed clothes next to him. I pressed my small ear piece to tell Fury the news, but I guess he knew because a SWAT team of agents picked up Bruce's now limp human body. I released it and felt the wind of the helicopter as it landed whipping my white and black straight hair into my amethest eyes. I raised a thin tanned hand to brush it out of my face. I placed me hands on my back and started to stretch. A sharp white hot pain shot up my hand. I looked down to see my left hand's fingers all popped out of place. I calmly sat on the helicopters now silent body that had the swarm of agents now bording. I popped my fingers back in place one by one. The man across from me looked ready to barf. Newbies. I rolled my eyes. The helicopter took off, Bruce's limp but now clothed body was leaned against the left wall of the helicopter. After about ten minutes we arrived by at the large black hovership. Apon walking out Fury, a small team of medics and Captian America stood at the dock.

"Wow Fury, thanks for the vote of support." I said sarcastically nodding my head toward the team. Fury raised his hand and shooed the team away.

"Well you always get the job done, This is..." I cut him off. I narrowed my eyes at him and stood up straighter.

"Captain A-freaking-Merica. Yeah I know." His eyes widened at my flippently rude tone.

"Im sorry M'me do I know you?" Once a gentlemen always a gentlemen.

"Yeah, Yeah you do. About 3 years ago, Zimbague? You took my mission and knocked me out for about a month because it was 'safer'." His crystal blue eys tan skin and short blonde hair gave him a complete 'All American' look. Guilt shown in the depths of his eyes as I glared at him. Fury cleared his throat

"When your done with your little piss fest Jade, We need to talk." He inclinded his head showing that we should walk away from the loading dock.

"Purpose of the Avengers?" I questioned.

"Yes. Earth is underattack. From Loki..." My mind whirled at super-sonic speeds.

"Loki as in Norse god of Misceif?" I sputtered. I waved my arms.

"That is ridiculous! World Domination isn't very origional either." I said looking at the small sceanry as we past it about 20 miles below. What a nasty fall I thought.

"Well you be sure to tell him that. Do you remember the tesseract?" He asked looking at me expectently.

"Yeah... Wait let me guess he stole it destroyed a compound caused a small amount of mass panick hence the airship, threatened the human race? How'd I do?" I asked remembering the small glowing blue cube that seemed to glow in another worldly blue.

"Spot on. You know if you wern't an agent sometimes I would be worried." Fury held a hand to his ear.

"We need to move we have had an energy reading on the tesseract. That means Loki." He waved to Captian who ran over in large bounds.

"We got a sighting. Germany, Art museum opening, high ranked targets get in there and stop him" He pointed over the ship railing. I grabbed the railing and heaved my self over. I free fell until the lights became closer and I manipulated the air to slow me down and set me about a foot above the ground I jumped and broke off into a sprint toward the impressive modern structure. Well here goes nothing I thought throwing open the gallery doors.

"KNEEL BEFORE ME MORTALS!"  At first no one moved, just in shock the stared at him as if he was a science experiment.

"I SAID KNEEL!" I looked for the source of the sound. Perched on a tall table was a handsome man with pale skin black hair and very very green eyes that seemed too familiar. His mouth was curved into a evil smirk. His large hands held a scepter with a blue cube in the very crest of the scepter. He was dressed in an odd helment with two golden horns on it, a green and gold embroidered tunic what looked like a pair of black leather pants and a heavy green and black jacket and knee high black riding boots. I almost laughed at his comical apperence but then something popped into my mind he looked like a knight... or a god. I groaned out load as I realized this very attractive man was the villian I was after. They really need to stop making villians this attractive it makes me question my morals or what's left of them anyway. I had the urge to ah do something very out of character and made me VERY uncomfortable. I hid my thin body behind pillars trying to work my way closer to the man Fury named as Loki. I should not be enjoying this no bad Jade. This is a case just breathe and take him down. Right, Okay, One...Two...

"And what exactly are you planning on doing?" said a deep voice from behind me his breath hot on my ear and neck.

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