"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


14. Saturday...... A more thrilling Saturday

Carmelle's P.O.V

After me and my uncle talked I went straight to Louis' room to get everyting over with. I knocked at the door and waited for someone to answer.
Niall opened the door.
Carmelle: Niall um... can I talk to Louis?
Niall: Um... he's in the park. Why?
Carmelle: Something. Bye!
I went to the park and saw him under the pine tree. I went near him.
Carmelle: Um... Louis (I said as he snapped out of his trance)
Louis: (he took a deeep breath) What is it?!
Carmelle: I'm sorry Louis I didn't mean...... (he finishes my sentence)
Louis: What you didn't mean to break my heart!
Carmelle: I'm sorry! Okay!
Louis: I thought.... I thought you were better than I knew!
Carmelle: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say the words I said! I know you are a great person! It's just that I dunno this whole status is messing me up!
Louis: I know it does! But you shouldn't always be carried by it!
Carmelle: I'm sorry! If I could do anything to repay I would!
Louis: Leave me alone and let me think.
I didn't want to argue so I went away and went to my friends.
Ethan M.: Yoh! Carmelle over here Julianne bought us ice cream!
I went near and got the ice cream and ate it.
Ray: So where were u?
Carmelle: Why u want to know?
Ray: Cause you know where friends!
Carmelle: Nah! I just went to the C.R
Ray: oh kk!
Aliza: Guys! Let's play hide and seek!
Sophia: Why?
Aliza: U know I miss doing those childhood games. They bring back memories!
Julianne: Well yah true!
Tiffani: Well If that the case LET'S PLAY!!
Shaina: Alright! Chu-Chu (that's our nickname for Ethan C.) you be the itt.
Ethan C: Alright! I'll give u guys 20 seconds!
Ethan C. looked back and counted up to 20 and then looked for everyone first we looked  at the C.R and he found Ray and Ron. Then the rest of the game was fun and hilarious.

Louis's P.O.V

I was listening when I heard a bunch of screaming and laughing. At first I thought you know it was just those guys that always play pranks on those freshman students or whatever. Then it grew a little louder so this time I got a little pissed so I went outside and to see that Aliza and her buddies was playing hide and seek. I watched then as they play it. There was laughter and joy then I spotted Carmelle I watched as how happy she was playing around being like a kid again. Then I snapped out of it cause I knew that she broke my heart. Then I went back to the room there I saw Niall covering his ears with pillows.
Niall: Uh!! Why can't I just take a nap with peace!
Louis: Aliza and her budds are playing hide and seek.
Niall: Uh!!
I hit Niall in the feet with a pillow and told him " Why not let's go and buy some ice cream?!" Niall woke up and said "HECK YAH!"
We went to Gelatissimo and bought ice cream. Niall had the biggest cup filled with so many flavors!
Louis: Dude! You sure you can finish that?!
Niall: Dude! Ice cream i worth to eat these days!
Louis: Suite yourself mate.
It took about few minnutes for Niall to finish the whole cup or bowl of ice cream. I was amazed! We went back to the dorm as we went from the grassy area of the school to the dorms it was quiet. I guess they stoped playing because of being tired.



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