"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


10. Partners and Improve Act

Shaina's P.O.V

It was  Biology class when me and Krai were partnered. I blushed alot but I tried to hide them cause Krai might see it.

Krai's P.O.V
I was still in a trance just thinking how on earth did I become the most luckiest man on earth! I always had liked no I MEAN I LOVED her but i'm to shy to tell her how I feel about her. I hope just one day she will be mine.

Aliza P.O.V
Shaina and Krai sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I knew Shaina too well. I knew she was blushing. She was trying to hide it but she just can't fool me. I just really wished that Krai will just say it. uhh! I hate waiting i'm very impatient. I was still in a trance when Harry snapped me out!
Harry: Aliza! Aliza! Wake up from ur daydream!
Aliza: Wait! What!WHAT!
Harry: (chuckles) I need help u little daydreamer!
Aliza: I was so not daydreaming!
Harry: Then what were you doing then missy?!
Aliza: Just um...... thinking!
Harry: Thinking of what....?!
Aliza: None of ur bussiness! Harry! Come on! We need to get to work! uhhhhh....!
Harry: hahaha!
After few minutes me and Aliza was finished with the experiment.
Harry: um.... Aliza why does Tiffani hate me? Like in the camping she was like really angry at me like she could throw anything at me? WHY?
Aliza: I really don't know Harry. Why don't u ask her?
Harry: Okay.... I'll try.

Ethan C. P.O.V
Me and Julianne were having like lots of fun. Cause like after the experiment we have to clean up so we had a little clean up war (thats wat I call it).
Julianne: Ethan! STOP! Prof. will get angry!
Ethan: Really? thats wat your worried about?
Julianne: I'm worried about.... that Prof. is going to get angry at us for not being in the lab instead of playing with water.
Ethan: Fine... but i'm only doing this cause I owe u.
Julianne: There is always a great thing when people owe u something or a favor. hehehehe.
This girl is a risktaker.

After the whole experiment it was acting class with Ms. Porris our one and only and very strict and dramatic acting teacher. Hey I dont blame her for being like that. Cause she is very fun around she lets us use our phones when its free time our when we finish class. We finish very early cause u kow she teache fast but understansdable. She puts jokes on it too.
Ms. Porris: Alright class! Today we are going to have an improve act about romance and revenge. (Jake raises is hands) Yes, what is it Jake?
Jake: (in a hippie way) But Ms. Porris revenge is bad. (everyone sighs) No, really!
Ms. Porris: Jake makes sense why it is an improve act dear. (calms her voice)
Jake: Oh! Oh! Yah! (sits down) Sorry?!
Ms. Porris: Now anymore questions? (nobody raies there hands) Well if everything is taken cares of then CHOP!CHOP! We have an improve act to go on to.

Ethan Z. P.O.V
The curtains were up. Evryone was prepared and i'm going to be with my crush Henrika.
Ms. Porris: 1...2...3 Action
The whole thing was great. It goes like this like there are this couple that loved each but betrayed by there friend then they got seperated then revenge came and all those things came it was cool. Ethan M. taped everything. I looked like a fool blushing when I see her. Hey! I ca't stop she's pretty. Eitther ways it was awesome.




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