"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


7. Outing day 1❤❤

Go with the wind

Carmelle's pov 

We were preparing for our outing putting shades shorts and  a v-neck shirt and low cut sneakers 

"Oi, trixie give it back!" I could hear Tiffani shouting 

"I'm not gonna till you eat the stupid 'cheese' " she shouted back. When she says cheese that means something gross that she made.

"I'm not ganina eat your 'cheese', " she half shouted chasing trixie 

   "Dude that 'cheese' looks like shit  , you can't let her eat that! I mean you will get Harry worried!" Aliza teased leaning on the wall whilst inning through her hair.

"Give it back trixie" I said , putting food In the basket 

Niall's pov

"Guys are you already ready?" I souted from down stairs 

" yah almost" Liam shouted 

Harry came down, then Louis ,then zayn , them Liam 

"Ou ready?" I asked 

"Yah lets go?" Zayn asked 

"Let's go!" Liam motioned them to the car 

We arrived at I think Aliza's mansion, we went out of the car and rang the door bell

"Oh hello you must be the boys," a middle aged beautiful lady answered the door, I could see the resemblance with the lady and Aliza 

"You must be mrs. Shane? How lovely to meet you," we all shook hands with her

"Girls the boys are here!" She shouted to the kitchen 

"Oh they're here" I heard a girl say Aliza obviously 

"We're coming," Tiffani said

"Hey" zayn waved his hand 

"Hey " they all said 

We took two cars mine and Aliza's  the girls in Aliza's since they refuse to stay in my car because they hate us.

           We drove two hours straight and finally stopped for food. We continued driving until we to the place , the place was beautiful very peaceful and it was only us.we got out the car and opened the tents, Liam started the Bon fire  we started to cook, the girls were cooking while we were putting the seasonings and everything. We started to eat god it was delicious! We were eating ribs it was a good thing that Louis brought the grill and zayn brought the ribs,after eating we gather'round the Bon fire 

"Anyone wanna play truth or dare?" Louis shouted 

"Shhhh!" Sophia said 

"I wanna play!" Everyone raised tier hands 

"Okay let's play " Liam said 

"I choose Tiffani!" Harry said a smirk playing on his face, what does he have in store 

"UGH!" She groaned "truth" she said 


"Yah I'm a pussy so what's the question Harry" she said in disguist 

She did the finger thing when you choose truth Harry started to squeeze "who is the hottest boy from all of us" Harry questioned squeezing harder , we could all see  Tiffani suffering in pain "Harry " she mumbled 

"Who?" Harry asked, acting like he didn't hear it .

" you but that doesn't mean I like you u still hate you!" Tiffani glared  at Harry 

"I choose you Louis!" Tiffani declared 

"Dare!" He said confidently , a little smile on his face

"Ohhhhh" we gasped 

"I dare you to go to Harry and take off yours and his clothes and run around the place " Tiffani said 

     Louis took off Harry's clothes and also his he made it more amusing by jumping on Harry's back and running around

"Okay I'm finish I choose Aliza!" Louis said, putting on his shirt and trousers 

"Fuck, uhmm dare?" She said unsurely 

"Oh good I dare you to lick zayn's armpit!" He declared 

"Oh shit, zayn did you put deodorant?" Aliza asked 

"Yah" he nodded 

Aliza went near zayn, zayn put up his arm and licked it, disguist in her face.

We still kept on playing truth or dare until they told Sophia to jump naked in the lake after that we already went in our tents and slept, 



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