"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


8. Outing comes with an eventful surprise 😱

Go with the wind

  "Zayn's pov              I felt the tent shaking I heard squeaky giggles what the hell is happening?? I opened my eyes to see that I was alone in the tent liam and Niall weren't with me. I heard splashes in the lake. The tent was getting hit by rocks I checked my phone it was 4 am. I started sweating like hell my palms super sweaty. I started panicking what the hell is happening? I tried to open the tent, it wouldn't open I tried to get or from the tent window but it was sewed together.   "HELP HELP NIALL! LIAM HARRY LOUIS ALIZA TIFFANI CARMELLE SOPHIA TRIXIE" I shouted for help I heard more squeaky giggles coming to the tent.   "I NEED HELP!!" I shouted again more rocks hitting the tent.        I was looking through my bag there was nothing I could use to save myself I looked around the tent liam and niall's bag I grabbed it and looked through it I ran a had through my hair and continued searching til I found a pocket knife in niall's bag , I quickly opened it and stabbed the tent and tore it apart.   Aliza's pov         This was all mine and Harry's plan to scare zayn. I saw a knife being used to tear down the tent    "Shit, guys I think zayn found the pocket knife in my bag" Niall whispered as low as possible but we could still hear it,I motioned them to hide. We saw zayn looking around and opening our tents, fear in his eyes.   "Guys??" He half shouted in fear.        Harry gave them a signal to jump out their hiding place and pin zayn down, we do as we were told and pinned zayn down. Liam was now on top of zayn so we decided to stay in our places now.   "Hello zayn,"  Liam said discuising his voice   "How c-c-ome you know m-me " he stammered in fear   "Your one of the most popular boys In school." He deeply said    "-yah but....let me go" he protested in fear    Harry gave him a signal to let him go so he did   "Sure" he shrugged using his real voice now    Liam got off him and hit all of us hard on the arm    "I freaking hate you!" He said dumbfounded   "It was all my plan ," I chuckled high fiving harry    "Was it your plan to Harry?"  He asked furiously    Harry nodded guiltily, chuckling    "I can't believe you guys!" He half shouted    "It's okay love , it was really funny you should've seen your face!" I said ,hugging him tightly making him blush.   "We got it all on tape " Tiffani , TRIXIE and Sophia said ,jumping out of the bush, chuckling    It was still 4:30 am    "Why don't we stand by the lake?" I suggested having a plan in store    "Sure" Louis agreed    We stood by the lake enjoying the view I was beside zayn and Louis.   "Isn't this place pretty?" Carmelle asked    We all nodded yes    I placed my hand at the back of zayn's which made him jump a little I started to rub it and I pushed him    "Oh shit" he mumbled before he fell    "Aliza, zayn doesn't know how to swim!" Niall panicked    "Oh shit'', I said whilst jumping and getting zayn  I started swimming back to shore and pulling up zayn.    "Zayn breathe " I coeed, pumping his chest, he started spitting out water and opened his eyes. "Oh my god I'm so sorry zayn I didn't know that you can't sw-" he cut me off putting his hand on my lips    "It's okay be cause you saved me," he whispered weakly    I just hugged him.    We went back to our tents and started cooking.    ~~~~~~~ We finished eating breakfast and rested for a while    " does anyone wanna go hiking I'm super bored" Carmelle groaned   "Yah lets go hiking !!" TRIXIE groaned    " fine get ready, I know the ways to this place " I said with little smile on my lips    We got ready we all wore shorts slippers a plain tee and shades with snap backs and backpacks filled with water crisps and extra shirts. We started walking until we got to the place.   "Okay we're here! Pick your partners it has to be girl boy  boy girl okay?" I said grabbing zayn's. "you guys refuse to get a partner then I'm gonna do it for you.Tiffani and Harry, Louis and TRIXIE , Carmelle and Niall, Liam and Sophia okay?"    "What the hell Aliza ! You know we hate them!" Carmelle groaned    "You asked for the hike!" I snapped    "Ugh fine!"Tiffani groaned    Harry's pov    Good thing Aliza chose me with Tiffani, yes I don't like Hershey such a stuck up bitch who thinks im a stuck up ass. She thinks she is so cool but she's not I mean why does she even hate me so much? I just asked Aliza if she could sit with us I mean is that a lot to ask?    "Let's go!" Aliza called out snapping me out of my trance    I readyed myself for the events soon to come.       We were walking up the mountain it was quite steep and rocky I tripped Tiffani a bunch of times she would hit my hand hard.she attempted to trip me but failed I laughed at her failure and continued walking up Tiffani was walking so slow so was I we started to get tired that's why we asked so slow    "Shit Harry where are they?" Tiffani asked me, nudging me   "There!" I pointed looking down at my phone   " where?!" She half shouted    "The-" I cut my sentence when I looked up from my phone to see no sign of any of them    "It's your fault you walk so slow!" I argued   "What the fuck , no you were walking slow!" Tiffani protested    "I was only walking slow because Aliza said don't lose your partner or your dead ny her!' I bet this is all your plan to get me close to you!" I said a smirk on my face   " no! I would never do that what the hell is your problem?! I don't like you and I never will! Jerk!" She snapped, and stormed out    "Where are you going!" I shouted catching up    "I'm gonna find my way and call Aliza!" She shouted.   "There's no signal dumb bitch! You have to go with me I have all the supplies!" I shouted back to her .   "Fine!" She shouted.   Carmelle"'s pov   "Guys!" I shouted to get their attention they all looked backto my direction. "Where's Tiffani and Harry?" I blurted out     "What they're not here?" TRIXIE questioned confused    "No" Niall answered for me    "We have to find  them !" Liam demanded   "Yah lets go!" Aliza yelled    We were shouting they're names, signaling them with the flashlight thing.we kept on spouting there names no answer, where could they be?   Aliza's pov   We split up a while ago.   "I'm hungry" zayn sighed "look what I got !" He said holding up a hand ful of poisonous berries. Poisonous berries .   "Zayn what he hell that's gonna kill you in seconds!" I shouted hitting. His hand causing all the berries to fall on the ground.   "Sorry I didn't know" he apologized    "It's okay!" I said    "Wait shhhhh....." Zayn said  "listen to that!" He whispered    "Harry! What is your problem are you sure you know where we're going?"      "That must be Tiffani!" I shouted    "Oh shut up Tiffani your so demanding your not even doing anything!"    "And that's Harry!" Zayn whispered    We started running to where we heard the voice we were running good thing it's still 5 there was still. Bit light . We ran until we bumped into someone.    "Harry? Tiffani?" Me and zayn questioned    "Oh my god Aliza zayn!" Harry said pulling us to a bear hug   "Where have you been!?" Zayn asked    " we were lost because of Tiffani she was walking so slow!" Harry uttered   ---- We all were back at our tents and ate after we ate we went back to my mansion and stayed the night there. Good thing my mum allowed.     "G'night guys!" I said from upstairs   "Night , I'm going up to!" They all followed 
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