"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


5. Our little secret

Go with the wind

Little catch up:
The school was renovated and we have dorms now Aliza was with Tiffani , carmelle with Sophia , the 3 ethans, Julianne and shaina, Ron and ray,nialland Louis , Harry and zayn, Liam and Krai . It's second semester already. And Aliza doesn't like Niall anymore because he Has a girlfriend and Niall is over Aliza but they're best friends.
    So here's the chapter
Tiffani's pov
" o my gosh Aliza wake up were gonna be late!!" I said whilst hitting her with my pillow

"I'm tired , I can be late anyway," she mumbled tiredly covering herself with the sheets.

" no you have to get up! The teachers gonna freaking blame me because your late and I'm your roommate so get the fuck up!" I half shouted shaking her. I kept on hitting her with my pillow and shaking her. She uncovered herself and shouted 

" IM UP!" 

" good now get ready you bastard ," I uttered 

She got up and took a short bath and went out the shower room she wore her undies and bra and wore a light pink shirt and sky blue skinny jeans with heels. I wore a light blue top and dark jeans with a pair of heels.

" let's go?" She asked ,shoving all her things in her bag

" let's go!" I said wearing my bag in one side

First was biology, we weren't late but everyone was in the classroom, when we went in  all eyes were on us . We just stood there and awkwardly went to our seats until I almost tripped. To my shock the one who tripped me was Harry , Harry styles. I just hated his guts he is such a flirt, 

" you bastard ." I whispered holding up my middle finger.

" sorry" he said not meaning it.

I sat on my place beside Aliza. She was playing on her phone or shall I say texting I saw the contact and the name I saw was the person I hated the most . Harry. I looked over at Harry and saw a huge grin on his face.

" why are you texting him?" I asked angrily

" I'm asking him why he made you trip." She muttered " and he said because your a stuck up bitch" she added. " and then I said your not a stuck up bitch and I told him he was a stuck up player/bastard, and he starts giggling like a freak " she explained 

I nodded. Who the hell does he think he is I don't care if he's a jock or a popular kid he's a jerk and player who goes for sluts why does he even hate me!? I didn't do anything to him only said no once when he offered Aliza to sit with them. Biology was over it was boring as always she told us something about our next meeting and having lab partners and it has to be boy-girl. Girl- boy.i didn't care who my partner was I only know that I don't want my partner to be Harry styles. I knew that our whole group hated them except Aliza

" dude lets go!" Aliza said interupting me  with my trance whilst pulling me to the rest of the group

" what's our plans??" Ethan c. Squeeeled 

" outing maybe?" Julianne suggested,

" camping! By the lake?" Aliza suggested 

" that would be great!" Shaina Sophia  and I said in unison

" hey your going outing? Can we join??" I heard a British accent say I looked back to see it was Louis.

I looked back to Aliza since she's organizing the whole thing  she nodded

" yes please," she whispered 

" fine," carmelle mumbled

The 5 boys went near us and asked again if they could join in

" sure " Sophia shrugged 

I could see Aliza and zayn making eye contact with each other, wait what? Aliza and zayn? No way! 

" just remember bring your own tents and food and everything you need for camping ." Aliza told them

Zayn's pov

Yes, we could go with them. I was practically very excited , I think it's because I get to spend time with Aliza ?? Wait no I can't? I don't know but I think I like her!! 

" zayn hey zayn what are you bringing??" Liam questioned waving his hand infront of my face.

" oh, um food and flashlights,yeah?" I asked, he nodded "ok" 

" oh, bring a lot of food zayn!" Niall shouted 

"Sure" I mumbled 

" you've acting weird lately I mean you never really talk to Aliza or anyof the girls and when I mention the name Aliza you change the subject don't tell me you like her?" Harry swhispered, nudging me 

" why do you like her??" I instantly replied 

" no " he shook his head

" oh ok " I said, I was relieved he said no.

" but seriously do you like her??" He asked

" no, maybe , yes?" I answered him my face expressionless 

" no seriously!!" He hit my shoulder 

" fine I do!" I whispered yelled in his ear 

" ok" he shrugged 

 We went back to our dorms. I dropped my bag on my bunk and sat textin Aliza 

To Aliza:  wanna eat out? 

From Aliza: yah sure :) 

She instantly replied. I went to her room to see her in shorts and a v- neck shirt and sneakers,

" hey , let's go?" I asked 

" yah lets go!" She said whilst shoving her phone and wallet in her pocket.

 We went down and crossed the streets to a little restaurant, we sat down and ordered

" soo..." I said breaking the silence

" I like you" I mumbled as low as possible

" I'm sorry what?" She asked 

" oh nothing," I hissed 

" no seriously what did you say?" She asked 

" I like you " I said a little louder

Awkward silence.

 Our food came and  we started eating she stopped for a little while 

" I like you too a little bit," she whispered 

I stopped eating and looked at her in shock 

" really ?" I asked in disbelief

" yah" she nodded her checks turning a massive red

 We finished eating and I payed we argued about who'll pay but she gave in and I payed we were talking for a bit and we sat on the bench at the park across the university

" I think we should keep thisa secret, our little secret" she mumbled 

" keep what a secret" I asked so confusion in my tone.

" our feelings" she shrugged 

 Went back to our dorms . 

" Harry " I called 

" yes " he shouted from the bathroom

" come out" I called 

He can out wiping his hair with a towel

" she told me not to tell anyone but she likes me ," 

" wait what who?? Aliza??" He said confused

"Yes " I nodded 

 Omy gosh Aliza and zayn??! Ship name :alizayn

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