"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


13. Love and Problems

Louis's P.O.V

RING......RING... The school bell rang which ment it was lunch. Wonder what will be fun! We were sitting close the basketball jocks. They were noisy. Hey wat can say there... them...... then out of now where Ms. Porris just came up with her bullhorn shouting. "I'M SORRY FOR THE INCONVIENCE STUDENTS BUT U WILL HAVE AN EARLY LUNCH SO HURRY UP U HAVE 5 MINUTES LEFT!."
Louis: What the!!!
Harry: Since when did we have early lunch?!
Niall: I'm guessing since now!
Liam: Well if thats the case then hurry up!
We ate fast then.... Liam got a little choked!
Harry: Liam! Buddy I will save u (in a way which was like superman)
He held Liam's stomach and hug it hard and....... the burger got out and landed in Louis's donut!
Louis: Hey! I was going to eat that!
Liam: Sorry (I say cheekly)
Harry: Well now thats done! Let's go! We have 2 minutes. Just because of helping Liam for 3 minutes!
We rushed to our next class English. When we arrived there everyone was buzzing about the fact why did we have an early lunch. Ms. Erin was keeping everyone quiet.
Ms. Erin: CLASS! CLASS! (bangs her table... then everyone becomes silent) Class! I know that you are very curious why we have to shorten lunch. (Liam raises his hands)Yes, Liam dear?
Liam: um.. I got choked.
Ms. Erin: I'm sorry but I also don't know why Mr. McLine just told us to tell you kids about it.
Then in the end of Ms. Erin's sentence then the sound box sounded.
Mr. McLine: Alright! I know you are very curious why you students had an early lunch but I had to get your attention because we needeed all of you students to go to your dorms early because the school will be having a "Charity Program" I am very sorry for not informing all of you. Students so I expect you to all be in your dorms at right about 4:25p.m cause the program willl be starting at 4:45 p.m - 6:25 p.m. Sorry everyone! I will repay u all by having a great "Youth Jam." And also we will just deliver Chinese food to your rooms. :)
First everyone went Awww!! then after when Mr. McLine said "A great Youth Jam" everyone was cheering and saying WOHO!! After that the speech was over.
Ms. Erin: Alright class! Now you have your answer now lets get on with our class. Shall we.
After a 2 whole straight hours we were finished. RING..... RING.
Ms. Erin: Alright class! Remember after class immediately go up stairs and stay there. Wait for the deliver to come then eat. CLASS DISMISS!

Harry's P.O.V

I was walking my way towards the dorm when I felt a hand grab my bakpack.... Zayn.
Zayn: Harry I need answers!
Harry: Dude! Chill! Lets talk about it in the door. (I opened the door then placed my backpack in the floor)
Zayn: Now tell me!! Do you like Aliza or no?!
Harry: I don't! There I said it!
Zayn: Oh..oh.. mate i'm sorry about that. Lets just crash and do buddie stuff again like before. :)
Harry: Sounds Great!
We were watching "The Notebook" when the food came. (Zayn opens the door)
Guy: Alright! Here's your food and fortune cookies.
Zayn: Thanks! um... can I ask you a favor?
Guy: Sure what is it?
Zayn: Do you know Room 25?
Guy: Yah! It's 2 blocks away!
Zayn: Yah! That one can you put this message in Aliza's fortune cookie. ( I had him a little paper)
Guy: Alright!
Zayn: Thank alot man! By the way wats your name?
Guy: My name is Blake. I work for this amazing Chinese restaurant.
Zayn: Cool! Thanks by the way for the favor and the food. :)
I'm guessing Zayn was giving Aliza a love letter. <3

Aliza's P.O.V

I was hungry at exhausted and I need food! Then the doorbell rang. " Finally! It's here!" I said then I added "Um... Tiffani u don't mind getting the door?" Tiffani was to hungry to argue so she did it.
Guy: So um... right this is Room 25?
Tiffani: Yes.... ( she said it in a weird yet suspiciously way)
Guy: Well um.. Aliza Shane has a special fortune cookie.
Aliza got up hurriedly and pulled Tiffani out of the way.
Aliza: From who?
Guy: Just figure it out?
Aliza: PLEASE!!
Guy: Kid, ur gonna find out.
Aliza: Alright! ( I got the food and said " thanks")
I was eager to know what was the letter inside the fortune cookie! I was about to open it when Tiffani slapped my hand.
Aliza: What was that for?!
Tiffani: Dude don't just read it without me!!
We both read the letter together at the end Tiffai got all lovey-dovey.
Tiffani: Ayeeee! Aliza and Zayn sitting in a tree K - I-S-S-I-N-G!
Aliza: Shut up! dude people will hear!
Tiffani: Who cares!!! Let's just say it to the world!!!
Aliza: Uh!! I'm going to eat my food!
Tiffani: hehehehehehehehe!!!!

Louis's P.O.V

Today was a Friday and it was a holiday but I just stayed in school while the others went home. I decided to go to the principal and you now talk about stuff.
I knocked on the door.
Mr. McLine: Come in! (the door opens) Oh Louis! What brings you here?
Louis: I just wanted to talk abut things  to you.
Mr. McLine: Okay.... well I am sure that i'm not your guidance councelor but what the hay.
I started to talk about him aboout stuff that was bothering me.
Mr. McLine: Is that all Mr. Tomlinson? (says it in a way that he knows I have more to say)
I felt uneasy when he said that because there was one more thing bothering me alot.
Louis: Nothing! Nothing! Sir!
Mr. McLine: Louis I know you! I know when you have something keeping.
I gave up!
Louis: (I took a deep breath) There is this one thing that has been bothering me alot.
Mr. McLine: What is it?
Louis: Its...... Carmelle?
Mr. McLine: Why? want did she do?
Louis: She didn't do anything. She said it. (The principal gave a look that meant "say it") um... like I asked her if she wanted to like hang in the park after school but then she said
"I don't know, maybe not.... Remember I don't really like you.."
Mr. McLine: Oh.... I don't know what to say Louis but all I can say is that you shouldn't be to crushed about it.
Louis: Thank you! Mr. McLine for the talk.

Mr. McLine's P.O.V

I was shocked. I was shoccked that my nieve would say that like you know she is a good kid. I was confused so I decided to talk with her. I went to her dorm.
Mr. McLine: Hello!
Carmelle: Uncle! Why r u here?
Mr. McLine: We need to talk about things and people?
Carmelle: Huh?!
Mr. McLine: Right you know Louis Tomlinson (she nodds her head) Well he told me you broke his heart.
Carmelle: I didn't mean t break it I didn't want it to break... it's just that we can't be friends.
Mr. McLine: And why is that? Louis is a good kid?
Carmelle: It's just that......
Mr. McLine: There! U don't know why. Carmelle u do know u hurt him. U should say sorry.
Carmelle: I know! But why r u so defending him!
Mr. McLine: I am not. I am only telling you that what you did was bad or what you said was bad and I don't expect that from you.
Carmelle: (takes a deep breath then smiles) Alright! I'm going to say sorry!
Mr. McLine: Good and be friendly!!




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