"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


16. It's u guys!!!

Authors Note:

Let me tell you something about thing chapter. This is a chapter which happens at the same day as the chapter called “Babysitting the Quinns.” It just happened earlier and is about the rest of gang. What happened while Carmelle was gone doing some babysitting.

Notice: Also some characters were shortened their names like:

Ethan M. – (is now called) Jacob

Ethan C. – (is now called) Ethan

Ethan  Z. –(is now called)  Zed


Aliza’s P.O.V

I was sitting in my bed waiting for something to happen. I looked into my clock to check the time 9:36 a.m.................. and still nothing happened. No calls. No message. Nothing!  What is the rest of the gang doing? I couldn’t keep thinking what they were doing. I knew I had to do something or I’ll die of boredom. I went downstairs to see that there was my mom planting some flowers in the backyard and my dad on a phone call and as usually my brother doing brother stuff. I really don’t care.

Jake: Yoh! Little sis! (put his hands in my hair and starts messing it up)

Aliza: uh!!!! STOP DOING THAT!

Jake: I’m sorry little sis.

Aliza: uh!!!

After my encounter with my brother I went immediately to the ref. to see if there was any food. I looked around the ref and saw ice cream. I opened it and then ate it then I got a text from Ray.

< Ray >

Hey Aliza! Um.... sorry to let like keep you bored but like we’re going to this awesome indoor trampoline place. U wanna come?

Fr: Ray



K yah sure when you guys coming?

To: Ray



Were near. XD

Fr: Ray

As soon as I read the text I quickly went upstairs and grabbed my stuff then went downstairs. Then I heard I honk that must be them I looked at the table and saw the ice cream I was eating I decided to take it with me. You can’t let a good ice cream go to waste XD. I went inside the car and everyone was wondering why I bought an ice cream with me.

Aliza: Hey! I don’t want this ice cream to go to waste.

Ron: Ha!

I look at Ron with a weird expression -_-

Zed: So now that is over..... LET’S GO! (He then starts the car’s engine)

Shaina: So like what is Carmelle doing?

Ethan: She said she is babysitting some kid which parents are like critics in Hollywood.

Shaina: Oh... OH!

Ray: Sad. She can’t go with us.

We drove our way to the indoor trampoline.

Ray: Well were here!

Jacob: Alright!

We got out of the car. Went to the indoor trampoline had a lot of fun I posted LOTS of photos in Instagram. XD

Ray’s P.O.V

I was talking to Sophia.

Sophia: Babe... want is it about this time?

Ray: Babe.... should we tell them after this?

Sophia: I don’t know. It’s all up to you. If you say yes or no I will agree because this is for our relationship.

Ray: I think........... Yes. J

Sophia: Alright! Now let’s jump around babe. J

Okay so I know you guys don’t know but I and Sophia have a secret relationship. So everyone of u had fun.

Zed: Can’t catch my breath!

Jacob: Ha!

Zed: HE!

Shaina was jumping for her whole life. Aliza she took a break every 20 minutes of jumping so high. Dustin tried to touch his feet when he jumps then bounces down then stands up. Trixie was all like making kinds of jump. Trixie almost hit Dustin’s head with all her stunts and attempts.

Ray: Guys! U hungry?

Aliza: Yes!

Zed: I would go for KFC.

Jacob: I would go for Starbucks.

Shaina: (raises her hand) I vote for Zed.

Zed sticks his tongue at Jacob “HA!!”

Sophia: Why not.... Pizza Hut?!

Aliza: Let’s go then!

Zed: uh! Sad!

We walked our way to the car. Then Ray stopped.

Julianne: What?!!!?

Ray: U guys I think I left my phone in the indoor trampoline!

Ron: Then get it!!

Sophia: I’ll help you babe! No I mean Ray! Sorry! (covers her mouth) ‘-‘

Aliza: Babe? R u guys dating?

Ray: What? No! It’s just a call for each of us like Zed. Hey babe Zed!

Zed: Weird? LITERALLY!

Julianne: U guys do have a relationship!

Sophia: Yes! Alright said it now shut up!

Trixie: How can we! We are so freaking shit out!

Ray: Well don’t freaking shit out here?

Dustin: Whoah! It’s all like from friends to boyfriends and girlfriends.

Ray: Will take later. I still need to get my phone.

Aliza: Alright have it ur way! But we will want the truth XP (joking around)

They rest waited in the car while I and Sophia went to get my phone. It was in the bench near the register table is. I went to the car and started it we went to pizza hut near the place Carmelle was babysitting.


We found a sit near the window. The waiter went near us and took our orders. After that.....

Aliza: So... tell us more. When did u guys start dating? Where was first date? Did u guys kiss? Did u guys make out?

Ray: Really?! -_-

Aliza: Hey u hid it from us we need to know the truth!

Julianne: Yah!

Ray: Babe answer pls.

Sophia: umm.. in the play thingy we started hanging out a lot since we were in the same committee. After we had that trip to Carmelle’s Farm in Florida like for 8 days we spent a lot of days together there. Yes. And that is too personal.

Julianne: (rubbing her chin) I see.. I see......

Zed: Hey guy! Look it’s Carmelle biking with a kid. (points it out)

Jacob: Yah! Let’s say hi!

Julianne: Hi! Hi! Hi!

Dustin: She can’t hear us.

Trixie: Sad L

Ron: Let’s text her maybe she will fall.

We look at Ron weirdly -_-

Ron: I mean like when she get a text her phone will keep on ringing then she will fall of trying to get it out cause u know I can’t do that at the same time. I think. Let’s just try it!

We felt evil this time. So we texted Carmelle. We looked her. We saw her like bothered cause her phone kept receiving messages. So we waited what she did........ instead she just stopped then got her phone and checked her messages. She was bothered. Then few minutes she laughed. We were weirded out.

Dustin: Well that didn’t work!

Aliza: What a prank Ron... What a prank

Ron: Hey!

Then a waitress came... a pretty waitress which I knew that Dustin was trying to hit on.

Waitress: Well.. here is your orders.

Dustin: (stands up) Well um.. my name is Dustin and uh.. what your name?

Waitress: My name is Jessica and I’m 22 years old. Pretty boy.

(we laughed as Dustin was shock)

Dustin: It’s not funny! :P

Sophia: Yah! Nothing funny about a 16 year old guy hitting on a 22 year old.

Dustin: Not my fault she was pretty and 22.

Tiffani: My golly 22! 22! Uh oh!
I don't know about you
But I'm feeling 22 (then the girls jump in)
Everything will be alright
If you keep me next to you
You don't know about me
But I'll bet you want to
Everything will be alright
If we just keep dancing like we're

Dustin: Oh! SHUT UP!

Zed: Come on guys! Let’s eat!

Jacob: No we still have to pray.

We prayed and ate. After that we went home. J











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