"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


12. I dunno

Sorry  didn't update I had writer's block... Even in my other fanfic" strings attached "

Harry's pov

"Ummmmmm" I stood there clueless

"Do you want me to repeat the question again?! So you like Aliza or not!?" He practically screamed at me. Anger in his eyes., he started clenching and unclenching his hand trying to calm himself down from hitting me right in the face.

i stood there not knowing what to say ,what to do. What should I say. I started to panic and ran out the door not knowing where to go.

I went to the park at the back of the university. I sat down and thought to myself.

Maybe I do have a little crush on her and I can't tell zayn I mean, if I told him it would ruin our friendship but if I told him its like a heavy weight has been lifted of my shoulders . But what if aliza told zayn and it would break our freindship I couldn't risk that. i couldn't risk our friendship. And if I said no it would kill me inside. 

"Harry?" A soft whisper said tapping my shoulder..

I quickly looked back and to my shock I saw the least personn I wanted to see .... Aliza 

"Hey" I said putting on a fake smile. Her eyes darting to my eyes, dead serious. Sitting on the bench 

"What are you doing here?" She asked. My eyes on the ground as she patted my back and put her head in my shoulder. I wish this moment would never end. We could stay in this postion forever.

"I'm just thinking," I said coolly. spreading my arms, putting it over her shoulders. She didn't mind at all which made me feel confident around her. Many people thought that we dated since they often see us giggle and be all sweet. 

"Thinking about what?" She said ,playing with my curly locks.

"About life?" I shrugged. Her eyes looking at mine. I didn't know why but I had the urge to kiss her just here , just now . 

"Oh.." She mumbled whilst looking around the humid dark park.

"What are you doing here?" I changed the subject, now facing her beautiful green orbits.

"Nothing much getting away from everything and too lazy to do homework" she chuckled , earning a smirk from my face. I rolled my eyes and gave her a small smile. She smiled back and caressed my cheek "your so cheeky" she teased while pinching my cheek. I gave her a cheeky smirk 

" you think I don't know that?" I sarcastically replied. Earning an eye rol from her.

"I better go now 'babe' " she placed air quotations on the babe. A chuckle escaped me as she went back to the university.

See that's what I'm saying see our freindship? It's that great that I can't risk. I decided that I went back to my dorm thinking that zayn's asleep I peeped through the door to see zayn fast asleep I decided to sleep not making any sound  at all. 


I woke up first than zayn. I purposely did that to get away from zayn and his question. I brushed my teeth and put on some black pair of skinny jeans ,supras and a white polo shirt.  II grabbed my bag and went out quietly. I was walking fast until I bumped into someone.

"Oh my god what's you problem?!" She groaned. Giving me a frustrated look. Her eyes as shooting me death glares.

"Sorry Tiffani!" I said not meaning it. Going back to where I was going to, to my class.

Aliza's pov

I woke up looking around the room no one was there the lights shut. Where the hell is Tiffani it's her job to freaking wake me up.i groaned and got up from my comfortable position and got changed. Into a black and white sundress stopping on my knees and a pair of sparkly silver flats. Braiding my hair to one side. I took my bag and rushed outside quickly to the hall and bumped into... Niall

"Hey,love" he whispered 

"Hey "I said back  and we both went to our classes.

Carmelle's pov 

Me and Sophia were rushing out our room till I bumped into Louis. (A/n what is it today bump into someone day?!) 

"Hey" he nervously chuckled giving me a small grin .

"What's up?" I say cooly 

"Nothing much, do you wanna hang later after school at the park; at the back of the university?"  He nervously asked

"I don't know, maybe not... Remember I don't really like you.." I sadly replied, feeling guilty.

Louis' pov

"I don't know ,maybe not... Remember I don't really like you" 

Okay that just literally killed me it smashed my heart to pieces.

Niall's pov

It's already lunch and I'm eating with my girlfriend right now.

"Niall. I'm sorry.." She quietly mumbled. I darted my eyes to her, dead serious . My eyes full of worry

"Why are you sorry?" I leaned over.

"I can't do this.." She  trailed off..can't do what? " I can't keep al l these secrets anymore.." She said tears about to prick her eyes "I've been dating nath behind your back I know I'm only telling you now but please don't hurt him I'm the one who hooked up with him first but I'm really sorry that's why I needed to tell you because you have been such a good boyfriend and you deserve way better than me," she said. 

I was holding back tears clenching my fist what should I do? My temper was blowing up. I took out my phone and contacted my closest Freind that would understand me. And if I call the boys they would just make fun. Infringed aliza and after two rings she picked up.

"Hello?" My voice cracked 

"Niall what's wrong" her worried  tone at the end of the line

"Can we meet up like at my dorm?"I asked, my voice cracking at the end

"I'll be there right away!" She rushed ending the call

I heard a knock on my door, she quickly saw tears forming my eyes and she rushed to my side.

"Ni, what happened!" Hr voice echoing the room. I quickly leaned in the crook of her neck and sobbed "shhhh..." She patted my back  "tell me everything.." She cooed 

" she cheated on me with nath behind my back.." I said  inbetween sobs

"What?!" She said shocked her voice echoing around the dorm, her eyes furious, she was comforting me.

She patted my back and hugged me tight. She caressed my cheek and said " it's okay love you'll fine someone better okay?" She reassured me. Kissing my chek lightly

"But I still love her" I whimpered 

"But she doesnt  deserve you, she's a bitch! And you will ,okay your a very sweet guy and your very attractive your the best caring boy I know that's why I fell in love with you before.." She comforted me. I loved the way she comforted me she always knew what to say and what to do. Her beautiful green orbits looking at me straight in the eye. She held my hand tight meaning she's here for me.

"Thanks so much, love. You always knew what to say what to do and when to do it. Your the greatest person I know too. Can we start all over again?" I asked 

"Excuse me?" She said in disbelief not understanding what I said 

"Can we start all over again?" I re stated my question

"What do you mean?" She asked puzzled

"First touch firstkiss first  girl who made me feel like this, baby I loved you first." I said. She was looking at me quizzically here face in shock.

"I-I-I don't know what to say... I mean I like someone else now.." She stammered looking at me puzzled 

"Your seeing someone else? Oh .." I said simply

"I'm sorry ni, but I know there's someone better for you and I'm sure it's not me." She cooed caressing my cheek and pulled me to a bear hug

"It's okay... So who is the lucky guy?" 

She hesitated In answering but eventually told me 

"Zayn" she whispered 

"He's a lucky guy," I commented,

She looked  at her phone and looked up at me.

"Shit were 20 minutes late in acting class!" She said rushing to the door and getting her bag. "Let's go!" She motioned me to go.

I took my bag and went with aliza. We arrived the classroom and all eyes were on us.

"Heyyyy.." We nervously chuckled.

"Get inside and go to your acting places and partners right now Shane and Horan" ms. Porris called out.

We rushed inside and I went to Louis and Zayn.

"Where were you and why were you with aliza ?"Louis questioned 

"She comforted me because Jennifer dumped me" I say

"That bitch" Louis mumbled under his breath" 

(Skip the practicing to the end of the class) 

Carmelle's pov

"Okay class Carmelle has some  announcements about the play" ms porris said. I stood up and started talking.  " okay Lou please bring a coffee table," I said looking at Lou he snubbed  me and took down the note. I told them what they needed to do or brings no sat down.

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