"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


6. Football and Movies

Today was a Wednesday and as usual it was gym class.

Sophia: uhh!! gym class!

Sophia is not that sporty as u think.

Carmelle: Come on Sophia! gym is not that bad!

Sophia: That's wat u say. I'M NOT AS SPORTY AS U GUYS!

She half shouted making everyone looking at her. Sophia was embrassed.

Aliza: Carmelle let her go she will just get in the mood.

Harry: Hi tiffani (he says it in a creepy way)

Tiffani: (bangs her locker) What do u want slut!

Harry: Hey! I just said a hi wat is wrong with u!

Tiffani: What is wrong with me! I think its supposed to be wants wrong with u! (Tiffani slams the door right)

Aliza: Harry just leave her she has problems going on and dont make it worse. (I say in a calm voice)



After coach told us to prepare.

Shaina: I really hate it when coach yells. I feel like my ears r going to explode! LIKE LITERALLY!

Julianne: I know! And I cant belive i'm going to play football! I hate balls like soccer ball or baseball or whatever!

Trixie: Lightin' up guys! At least Aliza is our coach! (she looks around as sees that Aliza is not beside her) Wait! Where is Aliza? (she spots Aliza in the field) Aliza!

Aliza: Yah! what Trixie?!

We run to her.

Carmelle: So...... team captain whats r plan?


Aliza explains her plan well and convincing. The boys were just sitting down drinking water just chillin'! NO PLAN! I'm guessing there just going to follow the ball were ever it goes and goal.

Coach: OKAY! (blows his whistle) 5 MINUTES PREPARATION IS OVER! GO TO THE FIELD!(after everyone is there) 1.2.3 (blows whistle) GO!

Aliza: Carmelle the ball!

Carmelle got the ball from Louis and was going for the goal.

Carmelle: shoot! Tom is there the best goalie!

Carmelle tried to fool Tom. It worked but..................HE GOT IT!

So we went on playing this time the ball was with Aliza. Athea (she is a great goalie) was the goalie. Louis stole the ball from her and was ready to goal. BUT NO! Carmelle was able to defend it then she gave the ball to Tiffani. Tiffani was confused so what she did was she ran as fast as she can then Trixie shouted " PASS IT HERE!" instend she passed it to Julianne! Uh-oh but we know Julianne wont let us down. Julianne passed to Sophia. Sophia was confused where to pass then somebody yelled "GOAL IT!"Julianne had no choice...............GOAL! YES!

Coach: 1-0 and the winner is the girls.

Sophia: Julianne u did it!

Julianne: THANKS!

Ray: Hey! Julianne u were great! Come on! Lets grab some food then we will celebrate! WHOHO!!!

Julianne: thanks!

We went to our table today we didnt play music cause the students r preparing for the music fest. So its quiet time. We were looking for a table.

Carmelle: Ray how about there?

Ron: Lets sit there before anyone does.

We were running going to our table.

Ethan C.: Yes we got a table! Now lets dig in!

Then the cheerleaders pass by.

Ethan Z.: Oh my! Someday im going to have a girlfriend.

Aliza: Then why wont u get one.

It has been like 10 minutes and Carmelle has been quiet just listening to her music.

Shaina: (whispers to Sophia) Why is Carmelle so silent?

Sophia: (whispers back to Shaina) I dunno go ask her?!

Shaina: No way!

Sophia: Just tell her girl! (then gives her this u-asked-first-look)

Shaina: Fine!


Shaina: umm.... Carmell wats up with you?

Carmelle: Nothing....just realizing somethings.

Shaina: What thing?

Carmelle: Things... (looks up) U dont need to know. Its okay :(

Shaina: Okay......


Shaina told Sophia everything and that she wanted some space. So we left Carmelle to have some space.

Carmelle: um... guys i'm going to stay in the grass. Dont go with me kk!? BYE!

After Carmelle leaves.

Ron: Whats with her?!

Shaina: She needs some space. She said she has many things to think about.

Ray: (just moves up his shulder)

The rest of the day went on. We had a test in History,Biology and French. Then........ RING..RING....RING. ITS DISMISSAL! Tonight were having movie night in Carmelle and Sophia's place.

Aliza: Okay we are in our pj's and everyone is here so lets start the movie.

Dustin: No were not Carmelle is not yet here?!

Sophia: Wat is up with her?!!

Aliza: Its okay we can start without her she will just comee here. (Started the movie)

It was the ending of the movie.......when Carmelle came.

Ray: Where did u go! U missed the whole movie!

Carmelle: Sorry guys. I was in the park......

Aliza: (eating the popcorn) Doing wat?!!!

Carmelle: Remembering when we were little.

Sophia: Why?

Carmelle: I just really miss alot the old days. Thats why I was silent in lunch I heard one of the sngs we used to sing when we were playing in the beach of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Shaina: oh..(then he voice becomes higher this time) oh.... okay. Well im guessing it will be curfew in a few moments well good night guys.

Ray: Yah good night guys!

Everyone left. Carmelle did her homework and studied. After drifted to sleep. Dreaming about the good times when they were little.


Carmelle: Come on! guys lets play in the beach!

Sophia: Lets make a sand castle!

Shaina: Yes!

Julianne: Hey look its shell!

Aliza: My daddie said those r shells that when u put ur ear near it u will hear the sound of the ocean.

Julianne: Lets try it!

We listened to the sound. It was amzaing!

Carmelle: Julianne! Were did u found it?

Julianne: Over there!

Trixie: These r beautiful (listening to the seashell)

Tiffani: Why dont we get one of these and keep it as a remembrance that we are best friends forever!

Trixie: Yah! We can make it to a necklace!

Aliza: Yah!

It took few minutes to ask our parents for the materials and make the necklace.

Carmelle: FINISH! Lets now wear our necklace

Aliza: (after wearing the necklace) WE ARE BESTFRIENDS FORVER AND EVER!

Sophia: YEHEY!

*End of dream*

Carmelle's P.O.V

Wake up! Wake up! Carmelle your phone is ringing. Then Sophia covers herself with her pillow. I read the text.

Fr: (i dunno guy)

Hi! I am Louis Tomlinson! And we need your help for the Music Fest! Come here Carmelle! HELP!

I placed my phone in the table. Rubbed my eyes and got up. Fixed my bed. Tried to wake up Sophia. Then took a bath. After I changed into a White Minnie Mouse Muscle Tee and black jeans and white and red low cut converse. I went to the Audi where they were planing the fest.

Carmelle: Yoh! uncle!

Prinicpal Mcline: (he is my uncle) Hi little Carmelle! Well I need your help. We need a host can u be the one?

Carmelle: OFCOURSE!

Uncle: Thannk you! Now go eat ur breakfast we have french toast today.


I ran as fast as I could I ate a french toast bacon and fried rice. I'm full! I went back to the dorm brushed my teeth then sat down in the bed. Then I turned on the T.V (u see in the dorm u dont have a tv but u can bring a tv my dad got me a 32 inch led tv so I use all the time) I watched the universities tv were they like say the latest news and whatever. Then Sophia woke up.

Sophia: uhh... Y r u watching tv early in the morning its still 5:55 a.m!

Carmelle: Which..... means u have to take a bath. And by the way I took my energy supplement.

Sophia: okay... so how come u had to go early by the way.

Carmelle: Louis texteed me to go to the audi cause they need help in the music fest.... so I went there and my uncle asked me to be the host of the fest so.... I said yes.

Sophia: oh (higher this time) oh... make sense so u finisshed eating breakfast?

Carmelle: yah!

Sophia: Can u just go with me down stairs? Go with me to the breakfast bunch?

Carmelle: OFCOURSE! I think I need a little more food. hehehehehe.....

We went downstairs then caught up with the others then we went to class. The usual cycle Major goes first then minor goes later. History,Biology *recess* H.E,English,CLF *lunch* Computer *dismissal* the day is always going on. huh...... I WISH THERE WAS EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!1












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